From 12 to 16th June 2021,the ITMA ASIA+CITME exhibition was held in Shanghai, China, which is a combination of "China International Textile Machinery Exhibition" and "ITMA ASIA". It is a joint action taken by the world's most important textile machinery industry associations such as China, European countries and Japan to protect the interests of textile machinery manufacturers and customers in the textile industry around the world and to improve the quality of textile machinery exhibitions.

During this exhibition, SUNTECH has 70-square-meter booth and displayed the Rapier Loom, Automatic Fabric Roll Packing Machine; Computerized Beam Storage System; European Standard Motorized Warp Beam Lift Trolley(with Hardness Mounting Device); A-frame Tractor

The exhibition attracted a large number of domestic textile machinery companies to negotiate and purchase on-site; at the same time, they also connected with overseas textile factories online to break through the blockade of the epidemic and deliver Suntech's high-quality products and services to the world.