As a Weaving Machine manufacturer, SUNTECH provides the most advanced solutions for automatic loom,Weaving Machine,loom machine,rapier loom,etc.Suntech is one of the leading weaving machine,rapier loom,loom machine suppliers and manufacturers.ST series weaving machines are updated on the basis of traditional high-speed rapier looms, automated looms and jacquard looms. More dedicated to the manufacture of special fabrics such as: glass fiber fabrics, carbon fiber fabrics, industrial fabrics, etc. The rapier weaving machine is currently the most widely used shuttleless weaving loom machine. The rapier weaving machines are the most flexible machines on the market. Their application the range covers a wide variety of fabric styles like glass fiber and carbon fiber. In addition to the characteristics of high speed, high automation and high-efficiency production of shuttleless weaving loom machine, its active weft insertion method has strong variety adaptability and can adapt to Weft insertion of all kinds of yarns, and rapier weaving machine also have obvious advantages in multi-color weft weaving, which can produce yarn-dyed products with up to 16-color weft yarns. With shuttleless weaving loom machine replacing shuttle weaving loom machine, rapier weaving machine will become the main production machine for woven fabrics. You can also discover carbon fiber rapier loom, glass fiber rapier loom at SUNTECH!

Rapier Loom