SUNTECH is a world-wide acting enterprise with decades of tradition and experience. Over 50 years of innovation, SUNTECH develops, produces and distributes high quality Fabric Make-up Machines, Material Storage & Handling Equipments, based on Digitization, Automation and Intelligence. In addition, SUNTECH constructs since many years special machines for particular applications to meet with our customer’s individual requirements. In year 2018, SUNTECH becomes a member of STRENGTH GROUP,which is located in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang.

Our Most Popular Lines:
1. Automatic Fabric Inspection and Packing Line, combined with the state of art technology including camera inspection, automatic cutting, taping, labeling, packing, sorting and stacking.

2. Rapier Loom, Electric Trolleys (Trucks) with AC technology combined the intelligent Storage for Warp Beams, integration with the production or preparation system for a modern weaving mill.

3. PPE and Equipment for Hyginene needs such as Meltblown Nonwoven Lines, Spunbond Nonwoven Lines, Spunmelt Nonwoven Lines, Mask Making Machines.

SUNTECH’s global vision and ambition has not limited its success and growth in the domestic market. With more than 5,000 customers and 17,000 installations around the world, SUNTECH now has its agent network in America, Canada, Italy, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Indonesia, Vietnam,Thailand, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan , Iran, Egypt, South Africa, Syria, Mauritius, etc. Over 120 countries!

SUNTECH Factory: