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Ingenuity Only, Persistence with Entenity

This is the story of two friends beyond age who embarked on an adventurous journey amid a wave of change. John, my lifelong friend and business partner, and we met during a business negotiation. The state-owned textile machinery factory where he works was facing restructuring and privatization. In order to continue his beloved manufacturing business, he had been shuttling between multiple banks and investment firms to secure funding to buy the factory. At that time, I had become the company's top sales. After conquering the sales world, I began to explore new possibilities. I had in-depth conversations with 1,720 factory customers to explore the logic and needs behind the textile machinery business. It turned out that technological stagnation, soaring labor costs, and low efficiency were already plaguing this industry like a merciless storm, and many small and medium-sized factories were even facing disintegration as a result. I knew that an opportunity had arisen, an opportunity to change the traditional manufacturing industry structure. When John and I talked about these findings, we immediately agreed that we had to do something to improve the industry's plight and provide companies facing these issues with solutions to improve efficiency and a brand they could trust. Thus, SUNTECH Textile Machinery was born. We gathered all the available resources, delved deep into the market and customers, and searched for the golden thread to weave the destiny of the brand. We renewed our own R&D and manufacturing teams, with John in charge of everything on the production line while I explored the front-end market. We pursued rapid technology iteration and extreme manufacturing processes to improve our customers' production and delivery efficiency. In just a few years, our persistence paid off, and our brand quickly became well-known in the domestic market. Meanwhile, new opportunities quietly emerged. We knew that the textile industry's domestic and international upstream and downstream markets were interdependent. To truly make a difference, we needed to take this brand global. At the same time, it was our responsibility as a new generation of entrepreneurs to change the stereotypical impression of Chinese manufacturing in overseas markets and make it stand out in the world. To this end, we visited the Asian and European markets and found that global customers were already eager to try Chinese textile machinery. Thus we decided to bring our brand to new horizons and transfer the spirit of craftsmanship overseas. However, a new brand still faced many challenges in overseas markets, especially the pressure from local brands. Instead of admitting defeat, we have embarked on a new journey to explore localization. We gradually established local service and agency networks in many markets to provide a better service experience. Finally, our brand gained recognition from many overseas customers. We have always practiced the principle of customer first, and insisted on one possibility, that is, being customers’ development partner always. We are proud to always break boundaries, embed value creation for customers in everything we do, and look forward to continuing to do so for many years to come. Along the way, we have always been driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to craftsmanship and perseverance, which we call the "SUNTECH Spirit".

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