SUNTECH combines more than 50-year experience, expertise and commiment in delivering high quality service to world-wide customer base.

Round the Clock Customer Service Centers The call center, the technical team, and the spare parts center from our integrated service system. We wait to respond to customers, call for help all day around, even in the most severe situations, we will promptly dissolve the trouble for our customers.

Round the Clock Customer Service Centers

Skilled Maintenance Team The maintenance team has undergone SUNTECH Industrial's technical training; they are experienced, skilled, respond to demands, and will definitely provide service to customers.

Skilled Maintenance Team

Expert Team, Technical Support The expert team of the product research and development has comprehensive control of SUNTECH products from development and production to technical aspects in the process of usage and will direct the maintenance team to provide professional service to customers.

Suntech Technical Support

Abundant Spare Parts, Swift Storage Center The powerful spare parts center has become the strongest material safeguard in our service system and the matchless swiftness of our storage center allows customers to experience the care of SUNTECH products at the first time possible.

Abundant Spare Parts, Swift Storage Center

24 hours service