ST-ERL-680 Ultrafast Start Rapier Loom


680 High Speed Rapier Loom

( Max. Design Speed 720RPM )

Suitable for Wide Range of Fabrics! Variable Speed Weaving Control!

680 high speed rapier loom680 high speed rapier weaving machine

680 high speed rapier loom for sale




Loom Width


250/280/300/340/380 cm


Max. 420-720RPM

Cloth Roll Diameter


(With Loom Take-up Machine)

Electric Specs

3PHASE 380V 50HZ(Standard)

Main Motor


(Switch Reluctance Motor)

Width: 150, 190,210,230,250,280,300,340,380

Max. Design Speed: 720RPM;

Stable Running Speed: 470-570RPM (varies with fabric width); Compete with GTMax-i

Weft Insertion: Four spacial connecting rod drive, no guiding hook gripper & gripper tape, suspending single hook or suspending double hook weft feeding.

Weft Battening: matched cam which in tank wall

Color Selecting: 8 electronic color selecting

Shedding Device: Electronic dobby, or electronic jacquard with maximum 10000needles

Left Off: Electronic let off, warp beam φ800mm or φ1000mm

Take Up: Electronic take up, weft density range in 1-120 picks/cm

Lubrication: Spray lubrication, oil bath lubrication, manual oil pump lubrication, oil gas lubrication, four method exist together

Automatic Weft Seeking: Hydraulic motor drive the motor shaft

Variable Speed Weaving: speed control system of weaving, swith reluctance motor system combined with hydraulic system, make the speed variable.

Automatic Controlling: PLC controlling system, auto-stop, auto-start, auto weft seeking, over compensation, weft compensation, auto fault recognition and etc.

Main Motor: Switch reluctance motor 1500Nm,3000Nm

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