Electric Warp Beam Lift Trolley with Harness Mounting Device


Electric Warp Beam Lifting Trolley

( With Harness/Heald Frame Mounting Device! )

User-Friendly Design, Easy Operation
Safety in All Controlled
New Technology, Beats the Old
3-Year Warranty for Mechanical Parts


ST-MBT-02I is the newest model of SUNTECH Electric Warp Beam Lift Trolley, which is suitable for bottom beam transporting, inserting in weaving machines, weaving beam weighing up to 1800kg and beam width as per requirement, additional loading capacity of 300kg for harness.

The trolley is applicable for any weaving machines with their normal working width 170-340cm without changing its size.

The harness is accommodated by the standard take-up for harness frame and the contact rails and dividing rails or the complete warp stop motion.

This Fully Electric Warp Beam Lift Trolley has the following features:

User-Friendly Design, Easy Operation

1. Compact Structure, Heavy Capacity
1500 Kgs Beam Weight
300 Kgs Heald Frame

2. Work Smoothly & Steadily Under Load

3. EPS Steering,Right or Left Side Shift
Effortless & Accurate Beam Positioning

4. Long-Lasting Battery Power with Super Fast Charging
4 Hrs Fast Charging
8 Hrs Long Lasting

Safety in All Controlled

1. Stepless Speed Regulation
Smooth in Every Section

2. Electric & Mechanical Limit Switches
Stay Safe Every Step

New Technology, Beats the Old Ones!

1. Lithium Batteries
3X Longer Life than Gel Battery

2. AC Technology, Maintenance Free
Low Noise Operation

3. Remote Control, Precision Alignment
Operation with Ease

4. 36 Technology Patents & Software Copyright Certificates

3-Year Warranty for Mechanical Parts

warp beam lift trolley

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