ST-KFIM-03 Open Width Knitted Fabric Inspection Machine ( Roll/ Plait to Roll/ Plait)


Open Width Knitted Fabric Checking Machine

( Roll/ Plait to Roll/ Plait )

4-Point Inspection System!
Optional Cross-Cutting & Weighing!
Inspection Reports by Software!
Customized as Unique Workflow!
Tensionless Checking!

 open width knitted fabric inspection machine

opened width knitted fabric inspection machine





5 - 40m/min

Standard Roll Diameter




(for model ST-KFIM-220 only)

Remark:Variable working width is possible and can be tailor-made to your requirements of processing needs.

ST-KFIM-03 is Suitable for Knitted Fabrics with Versatile Fabric Input and Output forms, especially for tensionlessly checking Fabrics from Roll/Plait to Roll/Plait.

Main Functions of ST-KFIM-03

1. Auto Tensionless Checking

The Combination of Unique Mechanical and Electrical Device Achieves Synchronous Fabric Feeding, Delivery and Rewinding;

2. Full Width Fabric Inspection

With 60 Degree Fixed Angle Inspection Screen;

3. Curled Edges Controlling

With Scroll Roller System and De-curling System for Perfect Roll Generation;

4. Accurate Length Counting(Y/M) & Fabric Edge Controlling

Counting Error ≤0.1m/km, Edge Alignment Error ≤6mm;

5. Consistent Roll Output

Roll Hardness Adjustable.

knitted fabric inspection machine,open width inspection machine

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