Knitted Fabric Inspection Machine


Knitted Fabric Inspection Machine

( Tension-less Checking )

ST-KFIM Knitted Fabric Inspection Machine is suitable for a wide range of fabrics, from tension-sensitive elastomeric and lycra fabrics to stable woven,technical and upholstery materials; especially designed for A-frame entry with Conveyor Belt System.

ST-KFIM Knitted Fabric Inspection Machine is suitable for a wide range of fabrics, from tension-sensitive elastomeric and lycra fabrics to stable woven,technical and upholstery materials; especially designed for A-frame entry with Conveyor Belt System.


● Fast and easily handled, requiring for one operator only
● Improve fabric quality
● Synchronize production process
● Provide objective quality reporting
● Reduce administration

 Automated Camera Inspection System Could Be Installed on Fabric Inspection Machines.

Newly Developed Automatic Fabric Inspection (camera), Labeling, Cutting, Taping and Packing Machine is Available.





5 - 40m/min




Fabric Width

1.8 - 4.0 meters




(for model ST-KFIM-220 only)

Standard Roll Diameter





(for model ST-KFIM-220 only)

Remark:Variable working width is possible and can be tailor-made to your requirements of processing needs.

 ST-KFIM Knitted Fabric Inspection Machine:


1) Auto Tensionless Checking: With unique mechanical and electrical device combination for making fabric feeding, delivery and re-winding synchronous.

2) Full Width Fabric Inspection: With 60 degree fixed angle inspection screen.

3) Curled Edges Controlling: With scroll roller system and de-curling system for perfect generation.

4) Accurate Length Counting: Counting error0.1m/km.

5) Accurate Fabric Edge Controlling: Edge alignment error 6mm

6) Consistent Roll Output: Roll hardness adjustable.

7) Available for different Fabric Input and Output Presentation, especially designed for A- frame to Roll Checking, Roll to Roll, ect. Synchronize with production operation.


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