ST-BM Batching Machine (With Center Driven System)


Batching Machine

( With Center Driven System )

Center Driven System!
Constant Tension Control!
Accurate Fabric Edge Controlling!
Synchronized Fabric from Input to Output!
Specially for Delicate or Heavy Duty Fabrics!

batching machine with center driven system

BATCHING MACHINE with center driving system

batching machine Handle a Wide Range of Fabrics

batching machine with 4-point fabric inspection system

batching machine with PLC control for touch screen

batching machine specification





5 - 40 m/min(Standard)

Fabric Width

1.8-4.0 meters

Max.Un-winding Diameter


Max.Re-winding Diameter


Electric Specs

3PHASE 380V 50HZ

(can be adjust to suit for diffrerent countries)

Remark:Variable working width is possible and can be tailor-made to your requirements of processing needs.

ST-BM BATCHING MACHINE is specially for delicate or heavy duty fabrics. The center driven system is for unwinding from A-frame and rewinding to A-frame. ST-BM also provides synchronized fabric from input to output with constant tension control.

Main Functions of ST-BM

1. Direct Center Driven System

A-frame Fabrics Can be Unwinded & Rewinded from Non-contact Center Driven System, which is especially designed for Delicate or Heavy Duty Fabrics Checking;

2. Auto Tensionless Checking

The Speed is Controlled by an Adjustable Liight Roller Accumulator for Fabric Input & Output Automatic Synchronization;

3. Full Width Fabric Inspection

The 60 Degree Fixed Angle Inspection Screen Achieves Full Width Fabric Inspection;

4. Stable Running & Easy Operation

PLC Controlling and Touching Screen for Simple Operations;

5. Accurate Fabric Edge Controlling & Length Counting

Edge alignment error ≤10mm and Length Counting Error ≤ 0.1m/km, Bow/banana Roller Can Eliminate Fabric Creases and Roll Distortions.

6. Different Fabric Input and Output Presentation Available

Also Can Synchronize with Other Production Operations;

7. Fabric Sampling-Optional

Fabric Sample Can be Taken by Automatic Linear Cutter and the Rest Fabric can be Stitched by Automatic Sewing Machine for on Going Checking

batching machine

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