January 22,2021 I News
The Basel Convention, which entered into force on January 1, 2021, stipulates that the expor ...
January 20,2021 I News
Since the outbreak of the covid-19 in 2020, in addition to epidemic prevention, countries ha ...
January 19,2021 I News
China is a major textile country, and the textile industry is one of the pillar industries o ...
January 14,2021 I News
In 2020, the world was affected by the epidemic, and the economy was sluggish. In the second ...
January 14,2021 I News
The international epidemic situation has become increasingly severe. Since the discovery of ...
January 11,2021 I News
With the arrival of the cold winter, covid-19 is making a comeback, and the epidemic at this ...
January 07,2021 I News
The past 2020 was a year of disasters. The world was infested by the new crown pneumonia vir ...
January 06,2021 I News
From a global perspective, Europe and the United States are the world’s largest wet wipes co ...
January 04,2021 I News
Recently, the President of the Dallas Medical Association, Dr. Mark Kazanova, and Ron Koning ...
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