The past 2020 was a year of disasters. The world was infested by the new crown pneumonia virus, especially in Europe and America.

United Kingdom

Earlier, a variant of the covid1-19 with a spread of 70% higher than the original strain was discovered in the UK. The UK announced that the level of epidemic prevention and control in some areas such as London will be upgraded to the highest level, Tier 4 (Tier 4). Britain has been "blocked" by many countries, and countries such as Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries have announced the suspension of flights to Britain.

Recently, British Prime Minister Johnson announced that the entire United Kingdom has imposed a large-scale blockade for the third time. This is also the strictest blockade measure since March last year. Residents must stay at home and schools are closed. Johnson said that tens of millions of people will be vaccinated by the end of March.

United States

At present, the number of confirmed cases of covid-19 in the United States has reached 21.85 million, and the cumulative death toll has reached 370,000. In addition, the first patient with a mutant virus was found in the United States. The investigation revealed that the infection The man with the covid-19 mutant virus had no previous travel experience, nor any travel experience to the UK, and is currently in isolation.

The U.S. epidemic went out of control. It took 292 days for the cumulative diagnosis to exceed 10 million, and it only took 54 days to break 20 million. It may take less time to break 30 million. Such an exponential growth momentum is frightening. Isn't it possible to wait for their truth? Is it only herd immunity? Americans do not believe in masks, but the vaccines they believe in have not been widely available.(Click to share to LinkedIn

So far, only about 2 million Americans have been vaccinated, and among these vaccinated people, medical staff and nursing home residents account for a considerable share, which is more than 10 times away from the target of 20 million, even if the Trump administration introduced a A series of anti-epidemic measures and policies have also begun to vaccinate the people, but the rate of vaccination is far behind the spread and mutation rate of covid-19.

In response to the current situation of the U.S. epidemic situation and the Trump administration’s progress in vaccinating the people, the U.S. media blatantly accused the Trump administration, saying that if it continues to vaccinate at the current rate, it will take almost ten years for the U.S. After the people have been vaccinated, the time between the United States and the control of the epidemic will be extended indefinitely.(Click to share to Facebook

Biden said that the epidemic is the biggest operational challenge the United States has encountered so far. The vaccination from 2 million to 100 million doses of vaccines. To achieve this goal, it means that the production and vaccination speed of vaccines must be increased several times. The current medical resources are not as sufficient as imagined, and the weeks or months before vaccination are very difficult.

Since vaccines are difficult to popularize in the short term, and the effectiveness of vaccines is unknown, the best way to prevent and control the epidemic in the future is still to wear masks. However, the current productivity of masks is completely unable to keep up with the needs of the epidemic. How to improve the production efficiency of masks has become a key issue, which has to start with masks and mask production processes.

In the process of masks, the basic processes such as cutting and welding of ear straps are quite mature, and it is difficult to improve process efficiency. With 46 years of technical precipitation and equipment manufacturing experience, Suntech has integrated and optimized key processes that take a long time. , Shorten the process time and improve the production efficiency of masks. The specific method is as follows:

1. Integrated function

Traditional mask production only performs basic functions such as cutting, stitching, and aligning. It also requires ear folding, manual sterilization, packaging, screening and inspection, which greatly increases production time. Suntech mask machine adopts integrated intelligent operation. One device includes all production processes and directly produces finished products, which greatly improves production efficiency.

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2. Cold press folding ears

Most mask machines on the market use traditional mechanical ear folding, which is inefficient. Suntech folds the ears quickly through cold air flow, and folds the ear straps on both sides of the mask from eversion to inversion, which more than doubles the speed of ear folding, greatly shortening the mask. Production time.

4. Visual inspection

The machine intelligence compares the error rate of the mask size and the position of the welding ears to determine whether the mask is qualified, and automatically screen out the unqualified masks, eliminating the need for manual screening and improving production efficiency.


5. Online packaging

The packaging process is embedded in the mask machine to ensure that the produced masks are aseptically packaged in the first time, and intelligent packaging saves time and effort.