Tubular fabric inspection machine is a type of textile machine used to inspect tubular fabrics, also known as circular knitted fabrics, for any defects or faults. Tubular fabrics are produced in a continuous cylindrical form, with no seams or joins, making it difficult to detect defects or faults without the use of specialized equipment.

Tubular fabric, Textile Machinery

The inspection process involves feeding the fabric through the machine, which is equipped with a series of sensors and cameras that scan the fabric for any defects or faults. The sensors and cameras can detect a variety of defects, such as holes, tears, stains, and misalignments, among others.

Once a defect is detected, the machine marks the location of the defect on the fabric and can either stop the production process or divert the fabric to a separate station for repair or further inspection. This ensures that any defects are caught early in the production process, minimizing waste and reducing the likelihood of faulty products reaching consumers.

Tubular fabric inspection machines come in a variety of sizes and configurations, ranging from small tabletop machines to large automated industrial machines. They can be integrated into a production line or used as a standalone unit, depending on the specific needs of the manufacturer.

SUNTECH Tubular Fabric Inspection Machine

SUNTECH ST-TFIM Tubular Fabric Inspection machine is a specially designed equipment that allows for efficient and effortless inspection of both sides of tubular fabrics in a single pass. The fabric is loaded and passed through the fabric checking box, which consists of 2 mirrors that enable easy inspection of both sides of the fabric. The machine can be configured to operate with fabrics from roll to roll or plait, or with various other fabric inlet and outlet options.

ST-TFIM comes with several functions that enhance its efficiency and convenience.

1. Fabric Rolling Drawer

The Upper Delivery Mode minimizes fabric tension, making inspection more convenient.

2. Controllable Inspecting Speed

The inspecting speed can be controlled by an inverter as required.

3. High Voltage Dispenser for Lightening System

This device provides electricity wirelessly to the fabric checking box.

4. Multi-size Inspecting Lightening Cabinets

The machine can inspect various fabric widths from 18”~50and has a magnetic block installed at the bottom to suspend the fabric automatically against the roller, eliminating crease marks.

5. 2 Modes of Fabric Layout

The machine allows for the option of rolling or plaiting the fabric.

6. Easy Operation Panel

The machine has only a few push buttons for smooth operation.

7. Remote Foot Pedal

The remote foot pedal allows for more convenient operation.

ST-TFIM Tubular Fabric Inspection machine is a valuable investment for textile manufacturers seeking to ensure the quality and consistency of their tubular fabrics while minimizing wastage.

Tubular fabric inspection machines are essential in maintaining the quality and uniformity of tubular fabrics. With the aid of advanced sensors and cameras, these machines can easily identify even the tiniest defects, enabling manufacturers to promptly address issues during the production process. As a result, the machines help ensure that the final products meet the highest quality standards while also minimizing wastage. Investing in a tubular fabric inspection machine is therefore a wise decision for any textile manufacturer seeking to enhance the quality of their products and optimize their production process.

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