Spunmelt nonwovens is the key material for disposable hygiene products, which needs to be produced by a non woven fabric slitting machine, that is, the quality and functions of the non woven machine directly affect the quality of spunmelt nonwovens, and futher have influence on the quality of finished disposable hygiene products. As the awareness of caring about the quality of towels and fabrics that newborn babies use, and the increasing demand of medical non woven fabrics supplies under the epidemic, the disposable hygiene products such as diapers, sanitary napkins, masks, protective clothing, and medical materials have gradually conquered a significant market sharply, especially in Asia.

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Compared with other materials, spunmelt nonwovens are the most cost-effective, highly flexible, and have a wide range of applications. In addition to having excellent competitive advantages in the fields of medical treatment, hygiene, packaging, etc. Textiles are also widely used in architectural applications, home improvement industrial protection and automotive interiors and other high-performance products.

Spunmelt non wovens can not only meet the needs of diversification, high quality, functionalization and specialization, but also meet the current needs of energy saving, consumption reduction and environmental protection. It is an important material for making degradable bags and degradable plastic bags.

So what are the advantages of high-quality non woven fabric slitting machine equipment?

1. High Yield of Products

The working principle of SMS spun bond melt blown composite production line is as follows: two spunbond systems and one melt blown spinning system are equipped on the same web forming machine. The second layer of fiber web is formed by the jet spinning system, and then the third layer of fiber web is formed by the second spunbond system, and then the three layers of fiber web are bonded by the hot rolling machine, and finally the winder is trimmed and wound. An SMS non woven is formed.

The SUNTECH SMS spunmelt non woven machine adopts Japan's leading technology, elegant design and sophisticated technology. From material selection, design, manufacturing to assembly, it ensures fine and perfect, fast machine speed and high work efficiency, providing a strong guarantee for output.

2. High Quality Products

The most important thing in SMS spunmelt non woven machine is the spinning system. The key to high output is the quality of the spinneret and the working efficiency. The spinneret of Si Jus SMS spunmelt non-woven machine adopts Japan's leading technology. The spinneret aperture can reach 0.25mm, the air drawing is 1-4μm, the spinneret is thin and uniform, and the meltblown filtration rate is high enough to ensure the filter ability and air permeability of the material.

The STREGTH SMS spunmelt non woven machine adopts electrostatic electret treatment. Electrostatic electret is a dielectric material with long-term charge storage function, which can generate static electricity inside the meltblown, and the produced meltblown cloth can effectively adsorb and lock bacteria. , thereby improving product quality.

3. High Production Efficiency

The SUNTECH SMS spunmelt non-woven machine adopts electrostatic electret treatment, which is a treatment equipment specially designed for melt-blown non-woven filter materials to improve the filtration efficiency. It consists of three parts: generator host, step-up transformer and Electret processing rack.

The processor can be combined in the melt-blown production line to process online or independently process the finished melt-blown filter material. After the fibers are ejected from the melt-blown orifice, they are bombarded by charged protons such as electrons or ions, making the fiber substrate an electret. The equipment can effectively improve the filtration efficiency of the material after the high pressure treatment of the electret processor.

4. Intelligent Digital Process Monitoring

The SUNTECH SMS spunmelt nonwoven machine is highly intelligent, adopts touch screen PLC control, digital process monitoring throughout the process, detailed monitoring of each link of production, optimal use of equipment, and effectively improves production management efficiency.

5. Low operation and maintenance cost

SUNTECH SMS spunmelt nonwoven machine not only has advanced technology, exquisite materials, excellent configuration, but also very guaranteed after-sales service. The warranty period is as high as 13 months. It provides all-round technical support from overseas engineers and provides users with equipment operation and process skills. Training, continuous tracking of user equipment usage, timely provision of technical support, greatly reducing equipment failure rate, ensuring high-efficiency operation of equipment, ensuring equipment output effect, and greatly reducing operation and maintenance costs.

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