Warp Knotting Machine


Warp Knotting Machine

( Max.Speed 400 Knots/Min )

Automatic Warp Tying Machine!
Adopts World-class Knotting Technology!
High Efficiency&Flexibility&Quality!
For All Weaving Mills!
Up to 400 Per Minute!

automatic warp knotting machine

automatic warp knotting machine for sale




Adapted to Yarn Type

Special for long fiber(chemical fiber, synthetic fiber, spun silk),special for short fiber(cotton yarn, blended yarn wool)

Effective width

75’’ 85’’ 95’’ 105’’ 110’’ 130’’ 140’’

Running speed

7-400 RPM CVT



Number of strands


  1. The running speed is as high as 400 rpm, and the actual splitting speed is about 50%-100% higher than before (according to the yarn state).
  2. Split the tissue benchmark {1:1}, and can also be changed to {2:2} by switching the switch.
  3. Warp tension adjustment is operated by a single handle.
  4. A special warp separation device is used for the corresponding tell operation.
  5. The main part is actively driven by cam, which is stable and easy to adjust.
  6. The exchange of the yarn splitting needle is simple and completed in one step.
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