Textile machines play a crucial role in knitting factories, offering solutions for manufacturing a diverse range of knitted products. Knitting factories employ various types of these machines to create fabrics and garments. The primary machine used is the knitting machine, which transforms yarn into knitted fabric. These knitting machines vary in size, speed, and capabilities. Additionally, knitting factories utilize other textile machines, including looms and sewing machines, to facilitate their operations.

Automation brings numerous benefits to knitting factories. One prominent advantage is the acceleration of production processes, leading to increased efficiency. Automated systems also contribute to enhancing the quality of finished products by minimizing the potential for human error. By eliminating the need for manual tasks, automation reduces labor costs. Moreover, automation enables the execution of tasks that may be challenging or impractical for humans.

In the realm of knitting factories, there are five key types of textile machinery. These include looms, spinners, winders, and knitting machines. Each machine serves a specific purpose in the knitting process, enabling the creation of a wide array of knitted products.


Looms are essential for the weaving process, involving the interlacing of warp threads under tension with the weft to create fabric. Typically, looms consist of two or more shafts. There are four main types of looms: handlooms, shuttleless looms, semi-automatic looms, and automatic or power looms.

1. Spinning Machines

Spinning machines are utilized for the twisting of drawn-out fiber strands to produce yarn. These machines comprise various components, including a roving frame for fiber drawing, a spinning frame for yarn twisting, and bobbins or cops for yarn storage. The choice of spinning machine depends on the fiber type and desired yarn count and quality.

2. Fabric Winding Machines

Fabric winding machines are employed to transfer finished yarn from the spinning frame onto bobbins or cones, facilitating further processing or storage. Winding can be done manually or using machines.

3. Yarn Preparation Machines

Yarn preparation machines play a crucial role in preparing yarn for knitting by performing tasks such as winding, twisting, and cleaning. Examples of yarn preparation machines include cone winders, ball winders, and yarn cleaners.

4. Dyeing Machines

Dyeing machines are utilized to color the yarn or finished knitted fabric in a variety of shades. Jet dyeing machines and beam dyeing machines are commonly used in knitting factories.

5. Finishing Machines

Finishing machines are employed to enhance the quality and appearance of knitted fabric. They encompass a range of machines, including brushing machines, shearing machines, and fabric inspection machines.

6. SUNTECH Textile Machinery for Knitting Factories Solutions

SUNTECH Textile Machinery offers high-quality knitting factory solutions, including automatic fabric roll packing machines, fabric inspection machines, and tubular fabric slitting machines. They are dedicated to providing excellent prices and comprehensive service to their customers. Additionally, SUNTECH Textile Machinery provides material handling equipment for knitting factories, simplifying and ensuring the safe transport of heavy warp knitting beams.

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ST-MBT-06 Electric Warp Knitting High Lift Trolley offers several notable features:

No width limitations, with a maximum carrying capacity of 2000 kgs.

Specifically designed to accommodate Warp Knitting Machines, with a maximum lifting height of 4200 mm.

Utilizes a gel battery, ensuring an eco-friendly operation with fast charging capabilities.

Incorporates AC technology, resulting in a maintenance-free system.

Equipped with an electric steering system, allowing for labor-saving operations.

In summary, the textile machines utilized in knitting factories are engineered to introduce automation, streamline production processes, enhance product quality, and boost overall production efficiency.

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