A carbon fiber rapier loom machine is a modern weaving machine used to weave fabrics using carbon fiber as the primary material. Carbon fiber is a lightweight and strong material that is commonly used in the manufacturing of high-performance products, such as aircraft, sports equipment, and automobiles. The use of carbon fiber in textile manufacturing has gained popularity in recent years due to its unique properties, including high strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion.

The carbon fiber rapier loom machine is a highly advanced and sophisticated weaving machine that is equipped with a rapier system to transfer the weft yarn across the width of the fabric. The rapier system consists of a steel or carbon fiber rod that carries the weft yarn through the shed, or opening, created by the warp threads. The rapier is controlled by a computerized system that ensures the weft yarn is delivered accurately and at a consistent tension, resulting in a high-quality fabric with precise dimensions and tight weave.

Most carbon fiber rapier loom machines are also equipped with advanced electronic jacquard mechanisms that enable the weaving of complex patterns and designs. The jacquard mechanism controls the movement of individual warp threads, allowing for the creation of intricate designs and textures. The electronic system of the carbon fiber rapier loom machine can be programmed to create a wide range of designs, making it ideal for the production of high-end fabrics.

In addition to its advanced technology, the carbon fiber rapier loom machine is also designed for high-speed production, making it an efficient and productive machine. Its ability to produce high-quality carbon fiber fabrics quickly and accurately makes it a popular choice in the manufacturing of a range of products, including aerospace components, sporting goods, and automotive parts.

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Carbon fiber rapier loom machine is a highly advanced and sophisticated machine that has revolutionized the manufacturing of carbon fiber fabrics. Its advanced technology, high-speed production capabilities, and ability to produce intricate designs make it a popular choice in the manufacturing industry.

SUNTECH Carbon Fiber Special Rapier Loom Machine

The loom is available in various widths, including 150, 190, 230(220), 250, 280, 320, 340, and 360. It can operate at a maximum speed of 350-600rpm and uses four special connecting rods for weft insertion, with options for suspending single or double hook weft feeding and no guiding hook. Weft battening is achieved using a matched cam located in the tank wall. The loom also features 8 electronic color selecting and electronic shedding devices, including a dobby with 16-20 shafts or an electronic jacquard. Electronic let off with warp beam options of either 800mm or 1000mm, and electronic take up with a weft density range of 1-150 picks/cm and a cloth roll diameter of 600mm or a cloth roll out of the machine of 1200mm. Lubrication is provided through a combination of spray, oil bath, manual oil pump, and oil gas lubrication methods. Other features include automatic weft seeking with electromagnetic clutch and heald reversing, as well as PLC controlling system for automatic controlling, with options for auto-stop, auto-start, over compensation, weft compensation, auto fault recognition, and more. The main motor ranges from 5.5-7.5KW.

loom machine,weaving machine

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