The Suntech warp beam/weaving beam can accommodate both spun yarn and filament yarn. Warping machines such as the Benninger, Karl Mayer, Hakoba, West Point, and Suker are examples of high-speed sectional and conventional machines.

The method of warping involves wrapping a certain number of warp yarns in parallel on the warp beam or weaving shaft in accordance with the required length and breadth. This section makes use of warp beam technology.

Sizing and threading are both accomplished using warp strands that have been previously warped. When warping, it is necessary to ensure that the tension of each warp yarn is the same, that the warp yarns are spread equally on the warp beam or weaving shaft, and that the arrangement of colored yarns complies with the process standards. Handwork is used to create the first warping.

During the Spring and Autumn as well as the Warring States Periods in Chinese history, the manufacture of silk used rake warping. The technique of warping by raking was documented in the Ziren's Legacy System, which dates back to the Yuan Dynasty.

After being shaped into a strip according to the specifications, the necessary quantity of the entire number of warp yarns needed for the whole width of the fabric is next threaded onto the warping drum.

The yarn will be wound onto the warp beam after that. then then After the strip has been coiled to the required length, cut it and thread the individual strands. After then, the subsequent strip is coiled in parallel with the strip that came before it. The strips are wrapped in this manner one at a time until the required number of strips has been wound.

In order for the strip to properly develop, the warp yarns of each layer need to make a very little movement to the side when the drum spins. This ensures that the strip will have a cross-section that is in the shape of a parallelogram. Last but not least, the rewinding mechanism is used to wind the full-width warp strands that were previously on the warping drum onto the weaving bobbins. That wraps up all there is to know about the warp beam.

One advantage of using the slit warping technique is that it may be transformed into a weaving shaft without any further steps. When it is used for warping of multi-hued or various twisted warp yarns, it makes arranging the colored warps in a more practical manner. Widespread use in productions such as weaving with wool and silk, as well as small-batch, multi-variety yarn-dyed weaving. Warp beam is used rather often.

First, the narrow-width small warp beam is used to wind some of the warp yarns needed for the complete width of the fabric. Next, numerous narrow-width small warp beams are concurrently unwound into a wide-width warp beam. Finally, the wide-width warp beam is used. The turning of each narrow little warp beam may be placed at intervals of either clockwise or counterclockwise movement in order to facilitate the weaving of textiles that are organized in a pattern that is symmetrical. It is possible to create a weaving shaft for knitting machines and warp knitting machines by threading a series of thin and tiny warp beams on the shaft tube in the appropriate order.

Warp beam: first, a portion of the total number of warp yarns required by the full-width fabric is wound into several warp beams. Next, several warp beams are combined through a sizing machine or combined with a parallel beam machine and then wound on the beam. Finally, the beam is wound with the combined warp beams. In order to fulfill the criteria for the total number of warps, on the weaving shaft. Shaft warping is distinguished by its rapid warping speed and great productivity, making it an ideal method for mass manufacturing. Cotton weaving is one of the most common applications for shaft warping.

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