ST-FRM-S Steam Fabric Relaxing Machine


Steam Fabric Relaxing Machine

( Steam Type; New Arrival )

Re-inspection & Relaxing in One
Ideal for Elastomeric & Lycra Fabrics
Steam to Preshrink
100% Tension Release
European Standard
≥15 Years Spares Support

Steam type Fabric Relaxing Machine

Steam type Fabric Relaxing Machine handle all kinds of fabric requests

Steam type Fabric Relaxing Machine with inspection function

steam relaxing perfect preshrink & fabric setting

Steam type Fabric Relaxing Machine specification






Fabric Width

1.8-4.0 meters

Standard Roll Diameter


Fabric Relaxing Function

Roll to Plaited Fabric

Fabric Inspection Function

Plaited Fabric to Roll

Electric Specs

3Phase - 380V; 50HZ

(can be adjusted to suit for different countries)

Remark:Variable working width is possible and can be tailor-made to your requirements of processing needs.

ST-FRM-S STEAM FABRIC RELAXING MACHINE is mainly used to eliminate the tension of knit fabrics; From Roll to Plaited fabric, Steam Relaxing, with 6-8 Hours Relax Time Only. Combined with Inspection & Rolling Function Too.

● Steaming Generation Device as well as Suction Device makes the full relaxation time 6-8 hours only.

● Full Width Fabric Inspection: with 60 degree fixed angle inspection screen.

● Curled Edges Controlling- With scroll roller system and de-curling system for perfect roll generation.

● Accurate Fabric Edge Controlling-Edge alignment error ≤6mm

● Accurate Length Counting(Y/M)-Counting Error≤0.1m/km.

● Available for different Fabric Input and Output Presentation, like plait to roll, roll to plait etc. Synchronize with other production.

● End of roll automatic stop sensor-for next roll joining.

steam fabric relaxing machine

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