ST-MBT-10 Electric Stacker


ST-MBT-10 Electric Stacker

( Pallet Stacker )

For Lifting in Different Area!
Transport Easily By Motorized!
Weighing Capacity Customzied!
Adapt to Different Pallet!
Easy&Labor-saving Operation!

SUNTECH electric stacker

electric stacker

ST-MBT-10 Electric Stacker is suitable for different applications in convenient and easy operation. It is designed for easy operation in shops, factories and small stores. It is a fully powered stacker with high performance but minimum size. Apart from standard specifications already available, the stacker can be customized to meet specific requirements of loading device, carrying capacity, lifting height etc.

1). Double lift cylinder design, ensure accurate and smooth lift.
2). Unique wide-view mast design greatly increases operator's vision.
3). With explosion-proof valve at the bottom of cylinder, the mast will not rapidly decline even if the pipe burst.

ST-MBT-10 Electric Stacker

ST-MBT-10 Electric Stacker

SUNTECH Electric Stacker


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