ST-LTM-02 Loom Batch Winder


Loom Take-up Machine(Vertical Inspection Screen)

( With Roller Accumulator )

Customization Available!
Non-Stop, Reduce Fabric Waste!
Improve Rewinding Efficiency!
Compatible With Various Looms!
Improve Fabric Quality & Pass Rate!


loom batch winder

SUNTECH loom batch winder

loom batch winder

Warranty extension is available at SUNTECH than other suppliers.

Automated Camera Inspection System could be installed on weaving machine or fabric inspection machine





0 - 10 m/min(Standard)

Synchronized with Weaving Machines

Fabric Width

1.8-4.0 meters

Batching Diameter Max



Edge-alignment Error

≤ 5mm

Electric Specs

3PHASE 380V 50HZ

(can be adjust to suit for diffrerent countries)

ST-LTM-02 Loom Batch Winder (with Roller Accumulator) is Designed to Attach all Types of Weaving Machines. Any type of Woven, Non-Woven or Knitted Fabrics can be Taken up on the Machine, with 100% Inspection of fabrics.

ST-LTM-02 also Ensures the Elasticity to the Utmost Extent  by Giving Tight and Compact Fabric Rolls, and the Heaviest Fabrics such as Industrial Textiles.

Main Functions of ST-LTM-02

1. Various Models Available

allow 100% On-Loom Inspection

2. Automatic Synchronization

ST-LTM-02 Can be Synchronized with the Weaving Machine;

3. Positive Tension Adjustment

Allowing Precise Selection for any Fabric on any Loom;

4. Forward & Reverse

Forward and Reverse Movement (Not Full)Can be Done to Fabrics on it;

5. Operator's Platform

Also Designed with Anti-fatigue Material and Toe-guards;

6. Compact Rolls

Differential Ratio of the Batcher Rolls Ensures the Compact Rolls;

7. Accurate Length Measuring & Semi-Automatic Doffing Device-Optional

With Length Measuring Accruacy ±0.01% and the Pneumatic Roll Ejection Device;

8. Automatic Fabric & Selvedge Shifter for Thick Selvedges-Optional

loom batch winder

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