ST-CBPM Fabric Roll Wrapping Machine


Fabric Roll Wrapping Machine

( Linear Fabric Folding and Packing Line )

Packing Speed:Max.20 Pcs/min!
Automatic, Labor Cost Saving!
50% Efficiency Increase!
Raise Fabric Export Value!
10% Material Cost Saving!



SUNTECH fabric roll wrapping machine price

cardboard bolt packing machine for sale

ST-CBPM Fabric Roll Wrapping Machine, Fabric Bolt Packing Machine is used to pack cardboard bolts from the Double Folding & Lapping Machine, which is widely applicable for hometextiles,suitings, etc. Advantages like savings in Labour cost, in time taken for loading & unloading, clarity of goods for customs-inspection, moisture & dust proof packing etc., attract both the exporters & importers.

Main Functions of ST-CBPM

1. The cardboard bolts could be transported by the Inlet Conveyor or manually to the Main Packing Unit for both width and side sealing through polythene film.

2. The length of the coming cardboard bolts are detected by the intelligent photoelectric sensors; while the width and height could be adjusted by handle so as to ensure there will be no polythene film wastage during packing.

3. On the completion of side sealing, the packed cardboard bolts could be transferred to the Heat Chamber so as to crimp the polythene tightly over the cardboard bolts, which ensures a vacuum packing effect.

4. The complete system is PLC controlled; Easy for Operation.

5. Protective Device and Safety Controls are bulit in the machine; Safe and Reliable.

6. Option: Inlet Conveyor; Heat-shrink Machine; Roller Conveyor and Fabric Stage.

fabric roll wraping machine applicable for all fabrics

fabric roll wrapping machine

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