Fabric Plaiting Machine


Fabric Plaiting Machine

( Max.Plaiting Height 1500mm )

With PLC Controlling System!
Max Plaiting Height 1500mm!
Tensionless Fabric Pleating!
Precise Folding into Piece!
Customized Plaiting Width!




Nominal Fabric Width


Plaiting Height


Plaiting Speed


Plaith width Error


Edge-alignment Error


Electric Specs

3Phase-380V,50hz(can be adjusted to suit for different countries)


Variable working width is possible and can be tailor-made to your requirements of processing needs

ST-FPM-I SUNTECH Fabric Plaiting Machine is Designed for Fabric Tension Controlling and Aautomatic Digital Fabric Plaiting Width Adjustment.You Can Get Precision Plaiting of Different Kind of Fabric to 1.5m Plaiting Height by SUNTECH Fabric Plaiting Machine!

Main Functions of ST-FPM-I

1. Fabric Reciprocating Movement is Controlled by PLC Integrated Circuit and Driven by Servo Motor, Less Wearing on Mechanical Parts and High Precise Fabric Plaiting Width, Error ≤±3mm

2. Hydraulic Fabric Pressure System Gives the Constant Pressure and Achieves Automatic and Digital Fabric Plaiting Width Adjustment.
3. Hydraulic Lifting Working Table Can Acive Max.1500mm Plaiting Height.
4. Accurate Fabric Edge Controlling, Error ≤±5mm
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