Cloth Rolling Machine


Cloth Rolling Machine

( Fabric Rolling Machine )

Length Pre-Setting & Cutting!
Inspection Function Available!
99.99% Accurate Length Counting!
Compact Structure, Space saving!
Get Various Length of Fabric Rolls!


Fabric Width

1.6- 4.0 meters



(for model ST-HRM-160 only)

Standard Roll Diameter




(for model ST-HRM-160 only)

Remark:Variable working width is possible and can be tailor-made to your requirements of processing needs.

ST-HRM Cloth Rolling Machine is specially designed for fabric distributors or retailers, which has  the functions of length counting,rewinding,weighting,cross cutting. Providing easily accurate length counting of a variety of fabric rolls.

Main Functions of ST-HRM

1. Accurate Length Counting

Meter and Yard can be Chosen to Read out & Length Preset & Counting Error < 0.1m/km;

2. Full Width Fabric Inspection

The Fixed Flat Inspection Screen Ensures Full Width Fabric Inspection;

3. Sturdy Roll Cradle

It is for the Coming Fabric Roll Unwinding;

4. Consistent Roll Output

And has Adjustable Roll Hardness & Movable Wheels

5. Foot Switch & Optional Linear Fabric End Cutter

Foot Switch is for Easy Stop/Start Controlling;

cloth rolling machine for fabric rewinding

cloth rolling machine for sale

cloth rolling machine

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