Christmas is coming, Because the covid-19, it was a festival but became a funeral. The epidemic broke out again in the European continent. Recently, due to the discovery of a variant of the COVID-19 that has a spread of 70% higher than the original strain in the UK, the UK announced that the epidemic prevention and control level in some areas such as London will be upgraded to the highest level, Tier 4 (Tier 4). The Secretary of Health of the United Kingdom said that the new strain has gone out of control, and that the new variant of the covid-19 has spread to the European continent. The UK has been "blocked" by many countries. Countries such as Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries have announced the suspension of flights to the UK.(Click to share to LinkedIn

London, which is about to be blocked, also began to stage a "Great Escape." A large number of people gathered in stations and other places, preparing to go home before the lockdown to reunite with their families and spend Christmas together. As non-essential shops will be temporarily closed after the implementation of the lockdown, many people have rushed to go shopping spree, which is expected to cost more than 10 billion. The world’s single-day new cases also set a record high, approaching 800,000.(Click to share to Facebook

At present, the vaccine is still in the experimental stage and cannot be popularized on a large scale. The discovery of mutant strains in the UK is undoubtedly a bad news for vaccine development. This means that the speed of virus mutation is much faster than the speed of vaccine updates, and the current vaccine may not be effective against covid-19. In the absence of specific medicines and vaccines to cure the virus, the method of fighting the covid-19 has returned to the oldest but most effective method of "wearing a mask".

At the moment of the covid-19, European and American people's attitudes are gradually changing. People who did not like to wear masks now have to wear masks. The number of people wearing masks on the streets in Europe and America is increasing, and the demand for masks is also increasing. The current problem is that the production of masks is overwhelming and insufficient. A large number of factories are closed and people are isolated at home. It is no longer possible for local mask production to be self-sufficient. European and American countries can only rely on imports to solve the mask problem.

In order to help the world fight the COVID-19, many countries with relatively mild epidemics have begun to increase the production of masks to supply European and American masks. At the same time, key mask production equipment such as mask machines and meltblown machines have become the target of panic buying. It is true that many equipment manufacturers have transformed and started to manufacture mask equipment, but due to insufficient technical strength, the quality of the equipment is difficult to meet the standards and cannot produce qualified masks. It can be seen that not all manufacturers are suitable for producing mask equipment.

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The world is invaded by the covid-19 in 2020, and Suntech has a sense of mission to fight the covid-19. As one of the world's leading machinery manufacturers, Suntech has 46 years of equipment manufacturing experience and core technology, and has in-depth research on the design and manufacturing requirements of mask machines. , With high efficiency, high quality, and convenience as the standard, the production speed of the mask machine has been increased to 120-160 pieces/min, fully automatic, intelligent, and integrated production will be realized, and the international mask production level will be greatly improved. Contributions to the promotion of masks and human health.

As the global covid-19 is rebounding in December, Suntech launched the "Bash December" mask machine year-end promotion event, repaying new and old customers with discounts and gift packages of accessories, offering a heart to fight the covid-19, and to escape the covid-19 and return People on the way home bring a touch of warmth. The event will end at the end of December, and the countdown to Christmas "bash December" is underway. Welcome to inquire.