Recently, Neil Ferguson, a professor of epidemiology at Imperial College London, said that existing studies suggest that the variant is more likely to infect children. "But we have yet to establish some kind of data from the causal mechanism that we can collect from it."

Another member of the team, Ferguson's colleague Wendy Barkley, said the mutation in the new strain reflected a change in the way the virus invaded human cells, which might mean that "children are likely to be as susceptible to infection as adults.". Therefore, more cases of infection in children can be expected.

The British government's new and emerging respiratory virus threat Advisory Group held a press conference on the same day, saying: this mutant strain quickly became the most infected strain in the southern UK, and may spread to all over the UK.(Click to share to LinkedIn

Thus, the covid-19 is very cunning, and its evolution speed is far faster than our resistance rate. At present, the effectiveness of the vaccine has not been confirmed, and it will take a long time to popularize the vaccine. The most cost-effective way to prevent the virus is to wear a mask. In the next year or two, masks may be necessary for going out.

Can masks prevent germs? No, only surgical masks and medical N95 masks can isolate bacteria. General surgical masks are divided into three layers, waterproof layer, filter layer and comfort layer. The outer two layers are spunbond non-woven fabrics, and the middle layer is meltblown fabrics, among which meltblown fabrics are playing a role in isolating bacteria. Melt blown cloth is a kind of mask material which is treated by electret static electricity. The static electricity can absorb virus. If the electret treatment effect is good, the mask will last a long time.(Click to share to Facebook

When wearing the surgical mask, the white gauze should face inward, the blue waterproof layer should face outward, and the side with the metal sheet should face upward. Do not wear it backwards. After hanging the rubber band on the ears, pinch the metal sheet tightly to fit the nose and smooth the cheeks, so that there is no gap between the mask and the face as far as possible. The medical surgical mask can block 70% of the pathogens.

N95 masks are divided into medical N95 and industrial N95 masks. Medical N95 mask is a scarce resource, which has 95% protective effect on particles and microorganisms. Covid-19, however, does not protect against bacteria and viruses. It only protects dust, pollen and droplet spread. It is not recommended to use industrial N95 respirators with air valves in the protection of Covid-19.

Medical protective mask (N95 mask) commonly used N95 masks are actually divided into two types, one is biological mask (blue-green), model 1860 or 9132; the other is dust mask (white), model 8210. The medical protective mask with biological protection should be selected at the time of purchase. The 95 mask can block 95% of pathogenic bacteria.

Why is the bacteria isolation effect of medical N95 mask better than that of surgical mask? Because medical 95 mask contains five layers of mask material, although the effect is better than surgical mask, the air permeability will be reduced.

Compared with surgical mask, medical N95 mask is better than surgical mask in preventing bacteria;In terms of comfort, surgical masks are better than medical N95 masks.

Therefore, it is enough for the general public to wear surgical masks, and the front-line medical staff need to wear medical N95 masks.

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