Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 in 2020, the demand for masks and medical supplies has increased sharply. For a time, the supply of mask machines is in short supply. With the development of the COVID-19 situation, the COVID-19 situation in Europe and America has reached the level of "major disaster". The gap of masks is huge, and the demand for mask machines is further released. However, due to the high labor cost in Europe and the United States, most mask manufacturers need fully automatic mask machines. At present, most of the mask machine manufacturers in the market are transformed from other equipment manufacturers, lack of technical knowledge, and it is difficult to produce fully automatic and high-quality mask machines. The after-sales service is not perfect, and it is difficult to meet the demand of European and American markets.

In order to solve the shortage of mask machines in the international market, fight the COVID-19 together with the whole world, and contribute to the cause of human health, with decades of experience in technology precipitation and equipment manufacturing and installation, Suntech has concentrated its core resources and strength to develop, manufacture and produce a large number of mask machines, ST-AMM (1 + 1) high-speed automatic mask machine, ST-AMM (1 + 2) high-speed automatic mask machine and ST-AMM (N95 / FFP2) high-speed mask machine (earloop), ST-AMM (N95 / FFP2) mask machine (head strap) and other mask machines are well-known at home and abroad, with good reputation and high return rate. Among them, ST-AMM (1 + 1) high-speed automatic mask machine is a star product, which is in short supply.

There's a reason why Suntech's mask machine is so popular. Compared with the mask machine in the world, it has the following advantages:


1. Advanced technology and complete functions

With decades of mature equipment R & D and manufacturing technology and rich equipment manufacturing experience, Suntech has a special understanding of overseas customers' needs. With decades of originality and quality spirit, it has formulated detailed quality control requirements at the beginning of mask machine design and development. All aspects of quality and performance of the mask machine produced by Suntech have reached the world's leading level The material selection is exquisite, the configuration is excellent, the assembly process is excellent, the core components and materials are brand products, the quality is guaranteed.

After in-depth analysis of users' needs, Suntech has innovatively designed practical functions such as visual inspection, sterilization and online packaging. The Suntech mask machine can automatically screen unqualified masks through visual inspection, and can also sterilize and pack masks online. The final masks can be directly used without any other processing or manual processes, saving time and effort for customers.

mask machine

2. Integrated, automatic and intelligent

Suntech mask machine is designed and developed with advanced technology. It is fully automatic production from cutting, sewing, ear folding to sterilization and disinfection. The finished mask does not need to go through other processing procedures, and can also intelligently screen unqualified masks. One mask machine covers all the mask production processes, and only one operator is needed in the whole process, which greatly saves labor costs.

3. High production efficiency

The production speed of ST-AMM (1 + 1) high-speed automatic mask machine can reach 120 pieces / min, the production speed of ST-AMM (1 + 2) high-speed automatic mask machine can reach 160 pieces / min, the production speed of ST-AMM (N95 / FFP2) high-speed automatic mask machine (earloop) can reach 80 pieces / min, and ST-AMM (N95 / FFP2) high-speed automatic mask machine (earloop) can reach 80 pieces / min The production speed of moving mask machine (head strap) is up to 40 tablets / min. Each mask machine has high-speed production capacity.

At the same time, the Suntech mask machine has good fabric tension control, fabric edge control, and can also provide full servo control, which greatly improves the production efficiency and product quality.

4. Short delivery time

Due to its rich experience in equipment manufacturing and mature processing technology, ST-AMM (1 + 1) high-speed full-automatic mask machine can be delivered within days after customization. The delivery time of ST-AMM (1 + 1) high-speed automatic mask machine is as short as 3-5 days, that of ST-AMM (1 + 2) high-speed automatic mask machine is as short as 5-7 days, ST-AMM (N95 / FFP2) high-speed fully automatic mask machine (earloop) and ST-AMM (N95 / FFP2) can be delivered quickly)High speed automatic mask machine (head strap) delivery time is as short as 7-10 days.

5. Customizable

As one of the leading design and manufacturers of textile machinery, Zhejiang Suntech Machinery Co., Ltd. has more than 4500 customers and 10000 machine installation cases in the world. It not only guarantees the quality of equipment and after-sales service, but also has rich experience in equipment customization, which can meet the needs of customers in terms of auxiliary equipment configuration, assembly process and mask production Customized production process, mask machine can adapt to all kinds of mask production, good reputation, high return rate.

6. Perfect after sales service

The after-sales service of Suntech mask machine is guaranteed, with a warranty period of up to 13 months. It provides all-round technical support for overseas engineers, provides equipment operation and process skills training for users, continuously tracks the use of users' equipment, provides timely technical support, greatly reduces the equipment failure rate, ensures the efficient operation of the equipment, guarantees the output effect of the equipment, and greatly reduces the operation and maintenance cost.