With the aging of the global population, the increase of the birth rate of infants in some regions and the increasing demand for medical supplies under the epidemic situation, the demand for disposable health products such as diapers, sanitary napkins, masks, protective clothing, medical materials and other disposable health products has increased significantly, especially in Asia, India, Africa and other countries and regions, the market demand for related products has been maintained at a high level. As the key material of disposable health products, the demand of spinning and melting nonwoven is increasing with the increase of market penetration and residents' income.

At the same time, compared with other materials, the spinning melt nonwoven is the most cost-effective, highly flexible and widely used. In addition to having excellent competitive advantages in medical, health, packaging and other fields, the industrial textiles based on it are also widely used in building applications, home decoration, industrial protection, automobile interior decoration and other high-performance products.

Spinning and melting nonwoven can not only meet the requirements of diversification, high quality, functionalization and specialization, but also meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection. It is an important material for making degradable bags and degradable plastic bags.

Because of its many superior properties, the market of spun melt nonwoven has always maintained a strong growth, occupying the largest share of the whole market. According to the analysis of prediction institutions, the production capacity of spinning and melting nonwoven is expected to increase by 25% next year, and the regional growth mode is highlighted again: it is expected that the production capacity growth of spinning and melting nonwoven in South Asia, Africa and the Asia Pacific region will be significantly higher than the global average level.

Many manufacturers are very optimistic about the market of spun melt nonwoven and a large number of production lines. At the same time, the requirements for spinning and melting technology and equipment are also increasing. However, there are not many spinning and melting nonwoven machines with high quality and perfect after-sales service in the world, so how to select the equipment? What are the advantages of high quality equipment?

1. High production

The working principle of Suntech ST-SMS spunbonded melt blown composite production line is: there are two spunbonded systems and one melt blown spinning system on the same web forming machine. First, the first spunbonded system forms the first layer of fiber mesh, and then the second layer is formed by melt blown spinning system, and then the third layer is formed by the second spunbonded system, and then the three layers are bonded by hot rolling mill, and finally passed through Suntech ST-SMS Nonwoven is cut and wound by winding machine.

With advanced technology from Japan, the design and technology of Suntech ST-SMS spinning and melting non-woven fabric machine is exquisite in design and technology. It ensures that the machine is fine and perfect, the machine speed is fast and the work efficiency is high, which provides a strong guarantee for the output.

2. High quality products

The spinning system is the most important part in Suntech ST-SMS spinning and melting nonwoven. The quality and efficiency of spinneret are the key to high output. The spinneret plate of Suntech ST-SMS spinning and melting non-woven machine adopts Japan's leading technology, and is made by German demage CNC machining center and Italy FIDIA gantry five axis high-speed milling, plus fluid polishing. The diameter of spinneret can reach 0.25 mm, the air drawing is 1-4 μ m, the spinneret is fine and uniform, and the melt blown filtration rate is high enough to ensure the filtration and permeability of the material.

The static electret is a dielectric material with long-term charge storage function, which can generate static electricity inside the melt blown fabric. The produced melt blown cloth can effectively absorb and lock bacteria, so as to improve the product quality.

3. High production efficiency

 The electrostatics electret treatment is adopted in the Suntech ST-SMS melt nonwoven fabric machine, which is specially designed for improving the filtration efficiency of melt blown non-woven fabric filter materials. It is composed of three parts: generator host, step-up transformer and electret processing frame.

The processor can be combined in the melt blown production line for on-line treatment or for the melt blown filter material finished products independently. The fiber is bombarded by charged protons such as electrons or ions after being ejected from the blowhole of melt blown process, which makes the fiber substrate become electret. After high pressure treatment by electret processor, the filtration efficiency of the material can be effectively improved.

4.Intelligent digital process monitoring

Suntech ST-SMS spinning and melting non-woven machine is highly intelligent, using touch screen PLC control, digital process monitoring throughout the process, monitoring each link of production in detail, optimizing the use of equipment, and effectively improving the efficiency of production management.

5. Low operation and maintenance cost

The quality guarantee period is up to 13 months.SUNTECH provides all-round technical support for overseas engineers, provides equipment operation and process skills training for users, continuously tracks the use of users' equipment, and timely provides technical support, greatly reducing the equipment failure rate and ensuring high equipment quality Efficient operation, ensure the output effect of equipment, greatly reduce the operation and maintenance costs.

6. The equipment can be customized

As one of the leading design and manufacturers of textile machinery, Zhejiang Suntech Machinery Co., Ltd. has more than 4500 customers and 10000 machine installation cases in the world. It not only guarantees the quality and after-sales of the equipment, but also has rich experience in equipment customization, from equipment configuration, electret processing frame structure to accessories The assembly process can be customized according to the customer's production site. The whole set of equipment can meet the needs of different widths of filter materials and production line speed, with good reputation and high return rate.