Mask urgent, epidemic "melting" imminent, melt blown machine which better?



From the beginning of the year to now, the epidemic continues to ravage the world. With the advent of winter, the new coronavirus is becoming more and more rampant. At present, the total number of new coronal infections in the world has reached more than 60 million, and the number of confirmed cases has reached 17 million. Among them, the epidemic situation in the United States has reached the level of "great disaster", with more than 13 million infected people. Nearly 200000 new cases have been confirmed in six days, with an average of one in 30 Americans diagnosed. Europe, which has just breathed, is now under the attack of the second wave of epidemic, once again becoming the "epicenter", with one person dying every 17 seconds.

As the virus accelerates, so does human defense. At present, the most effective measure is still to wear masks for all people, carry out isolation in the end, and smother the virus alive and dead. For a time, the demand for mask production showed a blowout growth. As we all know, the key of mask is meltblown cloth, and meltblown machine is the necessary equipment for meltblown cloth production.

At present, there are many kinds of meltblown machines on the market, but there are not many equipments with quality assurance, so it is very important to understand the process principle of equipment and how to select equipment.


 The principle of melt blown nonwovens is to use high-speed hot air injection to make the polymer melt flow extruded by screw extruder extremely stretched to form superfine fiber. The superfine fiber agglomerates on the mesh curtain or roller to form a fiber web, and then becomes nonwovens by self adhesion.


The technological process is as follows: polymer feeding → melt extrusion → fiber forming → fiber cooling → mesh forming → bonding and strengthening → trimming and winding → finished products. It seems not complicated, but in the actual weaving process, there are many problems, such as many machine faults, low output efficiency, the finished products are not in line with the expectation, and the operation and maintenance cost is high.


1. Why are equipment failures frequent?

1) The quality of equipment components and materials is not up to standard, and the durability is low


2) The standard of each component of the equipment is not uniform or the size is not up to standard, and the matching is poor when assembling


3) Component assembly process is not standardized


4) Poor quality of core components


2. Why output efficiency is low?


1) The hardware quality of the equipment itself is poor, which affects the use efficiency


2) Do not understand the equipment operation and debugging, do not optimize the use of equipment, resulting in a waste of resources


3) Operators do not understand the product process, operation error and deviation result in low product qualification rate



3. Why is the finished product not in line with expectations?


1) Do not understand the suitability of materials and equipment


2) Will not transfer speed control and temperature control and other equipment debugging


3) The spinneret hole is not up to the standard, resulting in the fabric quality, air permeability, filtration is not up to standard


4. Why is the operation and maintenance cost high?


1) Short warranty period


2) The equipment after-sales service is not in place, and the buyer can not quickly understand the equipment, which reduces the utilization efficiency of the equipment and increases the failure rate in the process of using the equipment.

The advantages of the Suntech ST-AMB meltblown machine include: 


1. Exquisite material selection, leading technology and high standard production



From the melt blown nonwovens process flow, it can be seen that the core component of melt blown machine is spinneret. If the spinneret hole is not fine and uniform, the fiber fineness will not meet the standard. If the spinneret process technology is not up to standard, the quality and agglomeration effect of superfine fiber will be affected, thus affecting the quality of nonwovens and the filtration and permeability of materials. In addition, if the spinneret material is not good, it will shorten the service life of the machine.


The material selection and configuration of the SUNTECH spinneret are exquisite. It is made of German demage CNC machining center and Italy FIDIA gantry five axis high-speed milling machine. It is made by adding fluid polishing. Japan's leading technology is adopted. The production process is strict and fine. The wire spraying is fine and even. The melt blown filtration rate is high enough. Other components are produced according to high standards, unified specifications, perfect fit, to ensure the quality of equipment, reduce the failure rate of equipment, and ensure the output effect.


2. The spinneret hole is fine and uniform



The key of melt blown technology is how to make polypropylene evenly distributed through the mold after heating, which requires high precision of spinneret hole. However, the diameter of SUNTECH spinneret plate is 0.25 mm, the air drawing is 1-4 μm, the spinneret is fine and uniform, and the melt blown filtration rate is high enough to ensure the filtration and permeability of the material.


3. SUNTECH brand is trustworthy



As one of the leading design and manufacturers of textile machinery, Zhejiang SUNTECH Machinery Co., Ltd. has more than 4500 customers and 10000 machine installation cases in the world, with excellent equipment quality, rich experience and high return rate. As the main product at present, the melt blown machine has reliable quality.


4. Comprehensive after sales service guarantee




The common problems of melt blown machine during operation are as follows:


1) The same material, easy to use, can't be sprayed out in a few days?


Due to the instability of some materials, the melting quality will be lower after a few days of storage. For example, the melting quality before leaving the factory is about 1500, and it becomes 1000 after a few days in the factory. Different melting materials need different processing temperatures. If the processing technology is not in place and the processing temperature is not changed in time, it will lead to the situation that the cloth can not be sprayed out. If the quality of equipment and service can not be improved, it is particularly important to improve the quality of equipment and technology.


2) Big factory's melt blown material but can't spray good cloth?


This is because the material and the machine do not match. After the material production test is finalized, the formula ratio will not change, which determines the inherent processing range of the material. If you do not know how to add ingredients for its modification, you must learn to debug the machine and find its processing range. At the same time, the speed of conveyor belt affects the thickness of meltblown cloth, so the speed control and debugging of conveyor belt are also very important. It can be seen that debugging the machine is not easy, and after-sales service should be fully considered when purchasing equipment.


The quality and after-sales service of the Suntech meltblown machine are guaranteed. The warranty period is as high as 13 months. It provides users with comprehensive equipment operation and process skills training, continuously tracks the use of users' equipment, and timely provides technical support, so as to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment, guarantee the melt blowing and output effect, and greatly reduce the operation and maintenance costs.