SUNTECH beam storage system is an advanced warp beam storage system designed to efficiently store warp beams, weaving beams, and fabric rolls within a limited space. Its computerized functionality allows for seamless operation and control of panels, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

beam storage

This beam storage system goes beyond traditional storage systems by incorporating intelligent features. It can automatically identify the precise location of each beam and determine the shortest route for automated beam doffing. Furthermore, the SUNTECH beam storage system can be seamlessly integrated with an ERP system, enabling smooth data exchange for enhanced management.

With its impressive storage capacity, SUNTECH beam storage systems can accommodate numerous types of beams. The storage capacity is continuously optimized to suit the specific space requirements of each client, ensuring maximum utilization of available resources.

ST-BS SUNTECH Beam Storage System

SUNTECH beam storage system presents an optimal solution for efficiently storing a range of beam types commonly used in weaving preparation workshops, weaving units, and finishing factories. It excels in handling warp beams, size beams, weaving beams, and cloth beams, which are widely employed in these industries. The primary objective of the SUNTECH beam storage system is to maximize space utilization while ensuring the protection and preservation of ready warp and cloth beams.

To cater to diverse operational requirements, SUNTECH beam storage system offers a versatile selection of models. These models are designed to effectively manage various scenarios, allowing for loading and unloading processes from a single point or multiple spots located on the same level, as well as higher or lower levels.

An exemplary model, the ST-BS beam storage system, utilizes a microprocessor-controlled information system. This advanced system enables seamless storage and retrieval of specific beams, streamlining the overall management process.

Details & Functions of SUNTECH Beam Storage System

1. Intelligentization:

The SUNTECH beam storage system boasts intelligent features that streamline the loading and unloading process. Automatic beam selection is based on entered data such as beam number, beam code, or mill code. The ST-BS system intelligently identifies the shortest path and efficiently positions the beam for doffing. Additionally, users can select their preferred language for seamless interaction.

2. HMI (Touch Panel):

Equipped with a user-friendly touch panel from the renowned French brand "SCHNEIDER," the SUNTECH beam storage system ensures easy and swift access to data and machine operation. The intuitive interface facilitates seamless control and enhances user convenience.

3. ERP Connectivity & Mobile App Control:

The SUNTECH beam storage system can seamlessly integrate with an ERP system, enabling real-time data synchronization and sharing. Furthermore, users can conveniently control the beam storage system using a dedicated mobile app, providing flexibility and remote access.

4. Chain Synchronization Automatic Detection Technology:

Incorporating advanced chain synchronization detection technology, the ST-BS beam storage system ensures optimal performance. If the chains on both sides of the stacker become unsynchronized, the system promptly alarms and stops running. This allows the operator to assess the need for adjusting the tightness of the bilateral chains.

FAQ about SUNTECH Beam Storage System

SUNTECH beam storage system is the global sales leader. Before making a purchase, you may have some common questions regarding the SUNTECH beam storage system. Here are some key inquiries:

To provide you with the best solution, SUNTECH requires certain information related to the beam storage system. This includes:

1.1 Available space dimensions (length, width, and clear height)

1.2 Expected storage quantity

1.3 Beam specifications, including brand, working width, flange diameter, tube length, and weight.

Storage Quantity of Your Beam Storage System

The storage quantity of the beam storage system is dependent on the available space provided by the customer. SUNTECH offers customized solutions tailored to each customer's requirements. The larger the available space, the greater the storage capacity can be achieved.

3. beam storage system Installment

Installation Assistance:

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our Chinese engineers are unable to provide on-site installation services for the beam storage system. However, our technical teams in Bangladesh and Pakistan are available to assist customers with installation. Additional charges will apply for installation, including costs for airfare, accommodation, meals, and COVID-19 testing.

Storage Details of SUNTECH beam storage system:

The SUNTECH beam storage system is designed to accommodate a variety of beams as long as they fall within the specified parameters. This includes beam flange diameter, beam tube length, and beam weight.

The beam storage system can store beams with different specifications and from various brands. To ensure optimal performance, we require information regarding the brand, storage quantity for each brand, and beam specifications for different brands. The beam head and central height can vary between brands, thus necessitating corresponding adjustments to the running chain. Here's an example:

ST-BS-120 model can accommodate 80 Picanol Beams and 40 Toyota Beams. In this case, you have two options:

A: Using a single pair of loading chains on each shaft, with 80 loading chains suitable for Picanol Beams and 40 loading chains for Toyota Beams. The loading chains from 1 to 80 are compatible with Picanol Beams, while those from 80 to 120 are suitable for Toyota Beams. When loading Picanol Beams, the operator selects the appropriate number from 1 to 80.

B: Alternatively, you can add an additional 80 loading chains on shafts 80 to 120 (two pairs of loading chains for each shaft). This arrangement allows all shafts to accommodate Picanol Beams. For Toyota Beams, the operator simply selects the appropriate number between 80 and 120. This configuration provides easier usability.

By considering the specific requirements of different beam brands, SUNTECH ensures efficient and tailored storage solutions for enhanced user convenience.