How to cut a large number of strips is a common problem in the garment manufacturing process. There are many options on the market today for quickly cutting fabric strips, among which using a fabric strip cutting machine may be the best choice. This cutter is a kind of machine which is mainly used for cutting large quantities of small-sized samples or products. It is widely used to cut fabrics, leather, cotton textiles, hard paper and other similar materials. The peripheral shape is divided into two types: straight edge and lace, especially in the field of clothing. With more and more garment factories choosing fabric strip cutting machines for higher efficiency production, its significant for us to learn the basic knowledge of how to correctly operate and maintain the machines.


The operation of the Cutting Machine:


1. Turn on the air pump switch, turn on the air source, pull up the manual air pressure switch on the left side of the console, and raise the cloth pressing roller.


2. Put the compounded finished blanket under the cloth pressing roller, press the manual air pressure switch on the left side of the operating table, the cloth pressing roller goes down and presses the blanket. Note that hands should be placed on the outside of the fabric during operation to avoid crushing your fingers.


3. Put the motor/manual switch on the console to the manual position, turn on the power supply, adjust the inverter knob on the left side of the console, and adjust its value to about 18-20HZ, adjust the inverter knob on the right side of the console, and turn it The value is adjusted to about 2.45---2.55HZ. Adjust the light control on the conveyor frame to the appropriate size of the electric blanket.


4. Open the cabinet door under the operating table, there are one three-phase switch and one single-phase switch, close the switch, and the cloth cutting machine starts to run.


5. To ensure that the pattern point of the blanket is parallel to the cloth pressing roller and the cutter groove, pay attention to observe the running track of the blanket material. When the pattern point runs to the left cutting edge of the cloth cutting groove, quickly turn the manual switch to the motor position. The cloth cutting machine starts to run automatically.


6. The operator should always pay attention to observe the size of the cut blanket and the cutting position of the blanket.


Maintenance of the Cutting Machine:


1. Check whether the grounding of the machine casing is good once a week.


2. Check whether the fabric cutting blade is sharp every day, if not, grind it with a grinding stone.


3. Check the air circuit for leaks every day.


4. Check the electrical circuit once a month to keep the insulation in good condition.


5. The reducer should be replaced with lubricating oil every six months.


6. After the motor has been used for one year, the grease should be replaced.


7. The chain should be lubricated normally and tensioned in time; grease should be added between the transmission gear and the worm gear once a week.


8. When the machine is not used for a long time, pay attention to moisture-proof and rat-proof.


9. The work should clean up the dirt stuck on the pressure roller in time, so as not to cause it to be difficult to clean for a long time.


10. Carefully clean up after get off work every day to ensure smooth operation of the equipment.