How to choose a good quality fabric strip cutting machine?

Currently, there are complicated kind of fabric strip cutting machine in the textile machinery market, the features of those machines are almost similar, but just the price is different. We cannot distinguish them from the appearances, so what can we do to choose a good one?

1. The classification: currently the fabric strip cutting machine can be classified into pneumatic and automatic type. Though the pneumatic type is lower prices, unstable and force lack, it is just suit for light weight clothes and fabrics instead of heavy and thick materials. The automatic one is suitable for all kinds of materials with stable and strong cutting force, CNC controlling system, easy loading and unloading of materials, and free of edge burning.

2. Inner machine parts: from the appearance we usually cannot tell what the differences among those machines are. But for the professionals it is easy to do. Such as the round blade quality, good or not will affects the costs. Furthermore, the CNC system will show the factory’s credit and strength.


3. Durability: it is largely relate to the whole working station structure. Checking whether it has protection shield that can protects the linear guide rail and ball lead screw from dust, and saving the space of the station. The body of high quality machine is casting, though the cost is higher, the reliability is stronger, which can hold the heavy materials easily to ensure the durability of the machine.

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