Fabric Measure and Cutting Machine

Fabric measure and cutting machine plays a crucial role in the textile process, for mark and cut fabrics. It can accurately measure the size of the fabric, mark the points and then cut. It meets the need for accurate fabric cutting. Using Overview of fabric measure and cutting machine facilitates production, increases cutting accuracy, improves product quality, increases efficiency and reduces costs.

The Development of the Textile Industry

The Jenny spinning machine kicked off the first industrial revolution, more than two hundred years after the first industrial revolution, along with the development of science and technology, social productivity, textile industry, which is closely related to people's lives, has also undergone radical changes. Today, the textile workshop has long been no longer the roaring machines, spinning silk cake and shuttle back and forth to shift the spindle to receive the silk of the female workers, replaced by a bright and clean factory, the entire automated production of the workshop, everything is so nicely organized, full of technology.

Textile is a systematic project, which needs to go through various procedures such as chemical fiber, spinning, manufacturing, printing and dyeing to get a piece of cloth. From fiber automatic drop barrel, sorting, storage, palletizing and packaging, countless steps are essential in automation technology.

The Advantages of Fabric Measure and Cutting Machine

And the installed fabrics are leather, linen, tweed, silk and different types. Each fabric has its own characteristics, so there are different methods for cutting. For fabric processing factories, batch processing of different types of fabrics is a common thing. In cutting will encounter numerous problems, such as imprecise cutting by hand, low efficiency, waste of material and other phenomena. Cutting machines can solve this problem very nicely.

Overview of fabric measure and cutting machine suitable for women's wear, fashion, uniforms, suits, denim and other sportswear, knitwear, car seats, interior parts and furniture. The use of fabric cutting machine does not require manual drawing board, the need to do the clothing data into the system can be cut, can save a lot of cardboard costs, saving a lot of time to draw the board; and intelligent typesetting and scheduling systems can maximize material savings, improve cutting high precision, greatly enhance the utilization of materials, reduce material costs; from the cutting speed to compare, a machine can replace about 5 workers (different materials and processes, there are differences), can work continuously for 24 hours; simple operation, low technical requirements for workers, a worker skilled in the operation of multiple machines and equipment at the same time, considerably reducing the cost of moving.

SUNTECH Fabric Measure and Cutting Machine

SUNTECH fabric measure and cutting machine has a collection and analysis system that can handle a wide range of textiles. SUNTECH fabric measure and cutting machine a camera inspection system that can be installed on the fabric inspection machine. It has a flat inspection screen with fixing, so it can fabric in different viewing angles and lighting situations, extremely improving the accuracy; There is an industry standard measuring system with digital readout, which can precise the length of the fabric roll and optional weighing machine; there is an alignment photoelectric sensors that cut perfect fabric; rolls rewinding on first quality rolls with diamond coverings with adjustable double rewinding rolls and roll hardness; automatic adjustment of fabric tension during inspection and rewinding. Foot switch control with a foot switch for flexibility in starting or stopping the machine during inspection; capable of cutting the full width at the end of the processed fabric roll, quickly and accurately the SUNTECH can provide the extended warranty period compared with other suppliers.

fabric measure and cutting machine

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