Maintenance of fabric folding machine

First, daily maintenance of fabric folding machine project
1. Check if the compressed air pressure meets the requirements.
2. Exclude the accumulated water in the gas source treatment component, and observe the oil level in the oil mister. The oil level should not be added.
3. Know the dust on the surface of each photoelectric sensor.
4. Clean the exposed surface of the folding machine.
Second, weekly maintenance projects
1. For the sprocket, the chain is filled with lubricating oil and adjust the tension of the chain.
2. Make an adjustment to the tightness of the conveyor belt.
Third, monthly maintenance projects
1. Add lubricating oil to each conveying roller.
2. After the initial operation of the reducer for 300h, change the oil once, and replace it after 1500h.
3. Check the fastening of each joint