What are the forms of equipment maintenance for textile enterprises?

The maintenance of equipment in textile enterprises is subject to regular repairs and is divided into two forms: preservation and maintenance.
(1) Security. Maintenance is the complete and complete disassembly and repair of textile equipment. By preserving, repairing or replacing all parts with excessive wear and tear tolerances, correcting the installation specifications and restoring the good technical performance of the machine. There are three types of preservation: overhaul (or big flat car), small repair (or small flat car) and partial security.

1. Overhaul (or flat car) is to disassemble all or most of the equipment, thoroughly clean, renovate the foundation and feet, repair or replace all parts that are out of tolerance, such as installing new equipment. The same, re-install and debug, restore the original performance of the device. The focus of the work is on the basic parts of the machine, the main machinery, the main components or the parts that are most stressed and easy to wear, so that the overhauled machinery and equipment can restore the original performance and repair the old.
2. Small repair (or small flat car) is to disassemble and repair parts of the machine equipment, repair or replace the parts with the degree of wear exceeding the tolerance standard, and restore the original performance of the machine equipment. The focus of the work is on the load part of the machine, the main part and the parts of the rotating part.
3. Partial preservation is to disassemble and repair a key part of the machine equipment, eliminate hidden dangers and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
(2) Maintenance. Maintenance is to carry out maintenance and repair on the load part of the machine and equipment. By disassembling, repairing, adjusting and correcting the installation specifications of some parts, reducing power consumption, eliminating the malfunction of the machine equipment in time, laying a good foundation for the normal operation of the machine equipment. Repair of machinery and equipment. The maintenance of machinery and equipment of textile enterprises has four maintenance forms: key maintenance, professional maintenance, brake and refueling, and frequent maintenance.
1. Focus on overhaul, it is to disassemble and load the load parts and key parts of the equipment, replace worn parts, adjust the installation specifications, adjust the gauge, and ensure the good condition of the equipment.
2. Professional maintenance is a regular maintenance work on special parts or special equipment of machinery and equipment, so that the equipment and equipment are kept in good condition.
3. Brake and refueling, it is the cleaning machine: the flower hair on the P equipment, clean it, replace the vulnerable parts, regularly add fuel to the running friction parts, reduce power consumption, and prolong the service life of the equipment.
Due to the short braking cycle and many process parts involved, if the quality of the brakes is poor, quality accidents are likely to occur. Therefore, it should be paid attention to by equipment management departments, workshops and maintenance personnel. 4. Frequent overhaul is to inspect the running machinery and equipment, mainly equipment maintenance, that is, to eliminate the failure of the equipment and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.