Zhang Guohua: China’s best coiler life focused on one thing

His work is repetitive and dangerous, his work environment is noisy and wet and cold; more than 1.1 million strands of silk are produced in his hands, and his post inspection mileage can accumulate up to 130,000 kilometers. He has the title of “China’s first winding worker” Reputation; with only one-third of the thickness of the silk thread “painting” in the world of nylon 66 industry hit the production of finished filament length around the Earth dozens of flawless record length. Behind a seemingly cold figure, but recorded in the China Pingdingshan Magna Group Corduroy Development Co., Ltd. Zhang Guowei 36 spring and autumn, 36 set adherence.
Lightning “Shadowless” “stunt” to build dignity
“There’s dignity in technology.” This is what Chang Guohua often says.
The phrase “origin” but also from the initial story of a factory started. Once, Zhang Guohua position on duty at four o’clock, due to the paper tube is not installed, this time hanging wire for him a full 8 minutes, the continuous pouring of waste silk will quickly set up more than half a barrel. And this scene happened to be a Japanese technician named Nishimura looked in the eyes, he came over, while talking with his hand scissors in the hands of Zhang Guohua knocked 3 times, accompanied by his translation, told Zhang Guohua: hanging wire slow , Produce waste silk more, these are all money!
This experience, such as hanging alarm in Zhang Guohua’s heart sounded again and again. Technology is the dignity of workers!
Since then, Zhang Guohua often “wait and see”, “steal learning” behind Nishimura. Observe how to improve the speed of hanging wire, learn how to solve difficult problems.
Skilled in technology can not do without the practice of high frequency. In summer, he laid a mat under the tree, holding a wooden stick in his hand and repeating the operation of sucking silk hanging wire. In the winter and the twelfth lunar month, he painted the drafting roller and the tension roller on the bedside wall Location and hanging wire trajectory, simulated over and over again.
In 1984, Nishimura involved in the visit of nylon cord fabric factory and inspection, this time became Zhang Guohua and Nishimura’s “second contest.” A hanging wire competition, three pairs of three, each one one one “singled out.” Nishimura happened to become Zhang Guohua’s “opponent.” Nishimura played before Zhang Guohua, 24 seconds, Nishimura proud and even dismissed the look of the game completed. Zhang Guohua playing, he took a suction wire gun, such as painting neat, smooth, 19 seconds. Just 19 seconds! Zhang Guohua’s set of actions can be called “shadowless.” Nishimura froze for a few seconds in the face of this result only regrettable, praised Zhang Guohua: “Chinese, great!”
After 36 years of practice and exploration, Zhang Guohua proved what a craftsman’s dignity should be.
“Eye of the eye” Check Mao Si. The thickness of a single filament is only one-third of the thickness of a hair. When one filament is ejected from a spinneret at a speed of 40 meters per second at one foot, ordinary workers find it hard to tell whether there is any abnormality in the hair. Zhang Guohua computer icons need to zoom in but a short time a “see through.”
“Hand to sick” exception row. Zhang Guohua’s palm is generally sensitive like a “sensor,” and the yarn advances at a draft speed of 45 meters per second. His hand can sense the problem thread as soon as it is near a spinning high-speed tow and handle the abnormal situation in time. This hands like a waste wire “nemesis.”
“Vacant diagnosis” In addition to failure. Zhang Guohua at the job site to deal with the problem can be called “spike”, not at the scene, he also “remote guidance.” The workers described the problem over the phone or sent it to Zhang Guohua in the form of a small video. He could give a quick reply on the other end of the phone, not only speed, but also quality, and the questions were checked.
“Mighty” unparalleled exploration of PCT. The draft roller, 276 mm in diameter, is an important part of the nylon 66 industrial filament winding machine. Whether the difference in surface roughness is an important factor is one of the important factors that cause problems such as yarn spreader. Therefore, the friction surface The spacing of small particles should be kept between 1.2 and 1.8 microns. Zhang Guohua just with both hands gently touch to determine eligibility