Introduction of winding machine and its working principle

Winding machine is mainly by the tube yarn socket, yarn clearer, tensioner and slot tube combination made. Winding machine .jpg The working principle of the winder is that the yarn or yarn is unwound from the yarn by the guide yarn, the lead screw, the guide yarn and the yarn board, and then passes through the disc tensioner The gap of the yarn and the silk plate is then wound by the transmission force of the yarn guide, the screw rod, the tension rod and the grooved cylinder, and finally attached to the frictional force of the grooved cylinder to be wound into a conical object. The main purpose of the winder is to rewind spools from a wire or spinning frame into larger objects. Winder in the winding at the same time, you can clear the yarn and wire impurities or defects, improve the work flow after the procedure of production and equipment productivity.


Features of Automatic Fabric Roll Wrapping Machine


1). The fabric rolls are transported by the Inlet Conveyor to the Main Packing Unit for both width and side sealing through a polythene film.
2). The width and diameter of the incoming rolls are detected by the sensitive photoelectric sensors and optical fibers so as to ensure there will be no polythene film wastage during packing.
3). On the  completion of the side sealing, the packed fabric rolls are transferred to the <strong>Heat Chamber</strong> so as to seal the  polythene tightly over the fabric roll, which ensures a tight packaging  effect.&nbsp;
4). The complete system is PLC controlled and the electrical components are placed inside a separate electrical control  box for safety and onvenience of the operator and the maintenance staff.
5). The complete system can work independently or in conjunction with Fabric Inspection Machines for time being.

About Fabric Relaxing Machine

1.This fabric relaxing machine is simple in structure and easy to operate
2.Saves space with easy installation

Fabric relaxing machine, fabric plaiting machine, fabric piling machine, fabric releasing machine, fabric relaxing machine.

Usage: This fabric relaxing machine is suitable for plaiting various kinds of fabrics, has been widely used to eliminate fabric tension during process.

Technical parameters:

1 Fabric Width 1800mm~2800mm (special sizes are available)
2 Working Speed 80m/min
3 Motor Power 0.25KW
4 Main Roller Φ200mm×2, rubber face
5 Transmission type Belt
6 Dimension 2400(L)×850mm(W)×1350mm(H) (1800mm)


1.Motor of this fabric relaxing machine is cotrolled by inverter.

2.This fabric relaxing machine could be in forward or reverse runing.

3.Equipped with two solid wood plates installed two wheels at one side for piling fabrics.