Tubular Fabric Slitting Machine

Tubular Fabric Slitting Machine is mainly applicable after rope dyeing. It is used to slit & open roped fabric and has been specially designed for continuous high speed operation in automatic mode. The machine material could be A3 Steel or Stainless Steel, which could be suitable for both raw and wet fabrics.

1). Raisable Frame and Automatic Detwister

Automatic detwister for fabric rope. The signal from feeler is picked up by proximity switches. Fabric rope engagement is by means of rotary opening rollers.

2). Slitting Basket

By means of a handwheel, the diameter of the round basket can be expanded from 320 to 800mm, so as to facilitate the spreading of fabric and prevent permanent weft  distortions, as may be generated by the slitting process.

3). Needle Drop Sensor

Needle drop sensor can detect the needle drop on the fabric and adjust the basket to place the fabric in proper slitting position.

4). Infrared Spreading-Centering Unit

It automatically open the fabric and then centre it, to ensure that the fabric is alignment in the centre of the machine. It is used for both slitting and rope opening function.

5). Hydraulic Turntable – Option

Controlled by fulid power, 1800mm diameter, for fabric carriage rotation in heavy duty conditions. It facilitate the operation of rope detwisting after washing or dyeing.

6). Squeezing Unit for Fabric Ropes – Option

Squeezing unit J-box with an oscillating chute for self adjustment of speed, to be installed on the entry of the line to reduce the quantity of water contained in the fabric.

Fabric Inspection and Winding Machine

This unit is specially designed for inspecting and rolling up all kinds of knitted, printed, cotton, and woven fabric etc.

1. Special designed lopping inspecting board which is near to operator makes it easier to mend or label fabrics.
2. Fabric tension is adjustable via two inverters
3. Equipped with spiral spreading roller to eliminate curled edge and avoid shrink of fabric width. Expanding power 1/2HP
4. Working speed is managed by inverters and easy to control by the button on control pane;
5. Digital counter could make accurate measurement of length in yards or meters which can be interchanged
6. Winding roller and feeding roller are driven by gear motors
7. High speed reaches 80m/min
8. Inspecting board is made of milky color acrylic

Suntech textile folding and rolling machine with automatic edge alignment

Excellent Features of textile folding and rolling machine with automatic edge alignment
1)Doubling, rolling, measuring any type of fabrics with inlet from plait/ loose fabrics, rolls or batchers
and with outlet on rolls.
2)For proper folding, special systems for thin and sensitive fabrics.
3)Automatic alignment of selvedge on the doubling triangle with very sensitive and precise
photo-electric guide.
4)Reliable measuring with electronic calibrated counter meter system.
5)Hard or loose folding feature, due to torque controlled, from inlet of fabric to end of the roll.
6)Automatic printing on selvedge, checking table, printing of measuring – Optional
7)Linear Fabric Roll End Cutter – Optional.

Suntech textile1 Suntech textile2

The cutting system maintenance and lubrication of strip cutting machine

When the cloth strip cutting machine cuts cloth, paper products and reflective materials, it will generate dirty spot that will affect the cutting quality, and then the maintenance is needed for the cutting system. Workers need to check the abrasion situation and clean the parts of blade bar, such as bearings, worm, gear, blade pushing screw, nut and drive chain, after a parade of working. When assembling, it should be fed with grease once again.

In addition, the scraper, equipped between the aluminum top covers on the blade bar, can remove the scrapes on the top cover and side wall of blade bar. What’s more, every time of changing blade, it needs to check the lubrication situation of the blade pushing screw and nut, feed some grease on them. After the finish of work, it needs to clean the spots and scrapes of the blade device.

Except for the enclosed bearing, all the bearings should be fed with grease when assembling after checking and cleaning. The cleaning of spots should use dry duster cloth to wipe up, avoid using water to wash.

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