Differences of types of strip cutting machine

The fabric strip cutting machine is mainly used for strip and tape cutting of industries such as clothing, bags, boxes and so on. Although there are different types of cutting equipments on the market, they share the same cutting theory. There are differences in functions and shapes. Every factory has its own design style. An illustration about the strip cutting machine styles will be shared below:

The strip cutting machine came to the market since early 21 century. The original one is manual type as the science and technology is not mature.

It was all the range at that time, and still be used until today. Manual one has the lowest price and fewer troubles, but the cutting efficiency is very low for now.

Basing on the manual type, there came out pneumatic semi-automatic type, using air compressor as power supplier to control the traveling. It is very time and power saving, with the double efficiency of manual type. When it came out that time, it is short of supply in the market.

In the next period, as the pneumatic one’s air compressor is noisy and current consuming, there came out hydraulic semi-automatic type, with less noisy.

Till now, in this new era of automation, there come out  automatic and semi-automatic type, with the same function and different labor. Now lots of factories consider the labor cost is becoming much higher, in order to reduce it, more and more factories choose the automatic type. The automatic  strip cutting machine need no extra labor to operate the machine for all the running time, what you need to do is just input the size data on the panel, then the machine can cut and stop automatically.

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Maintenance of cloth cutting machine

Maintenance of cloth cutting machine

1. Check the machine housing ground is good.
2. Check whether the cutting blade is sharp, if not sharp, grinding with grinding stone.
3. Check the airway for leaks.
4. Electrical lines should always be checked and kept insulated properly.
5. The gear unit should be replaced once every six months.
6. After a year of motor use, grease should be replaced.
7. Chain to maintain normal lubrication and timely tension; transmission gear, worm wheel grease every week once.
8. When the machine is not used for a long time to pay attention to moisture-proof mouse.
9. Work should be promptly clean up the pressure roller stolen goods, so as not to cause a long time to clean.
10. Carefully clean up after work every day to ensure smooth operation of equipment.

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Features of Horizontal Stretch Wrapper


1. PLC & HMI systems are optional for special requirement.
2. Indicator alarms automatically indicate troubles.
3. Special conveyor is easy for loading and conveying the package, it strengthens the transfer capacity.
4. Wide packing belt not only can make the work more efficient, but be used for cutting the packing cost.
5. Our rod wrapping machine is equipped with double-ring and double-rub wheel devices.
6. Photocell sensor is for setting packing position.
7. The turning ring is controlled by a converter. Overlap rate could be adjusted according to the special needs.
8. Height of the ring centre could be changed.
9. Separate control panel makes operation and maintenance easily.

Specifications Of Stop Sensor For Woven Fabric Inspection Machine

Automatic Grade:
Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
3 Phase-380V(Adjustable)
Special Model
3050*2630*2430mm(for Model ST-WFIM-180)
CE ISO9001
13 Months
After-sales Service Provided:
Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Cloth inspection machine
Fabric Defects
Fabric Width:
1.8-4.0 Meters
Shipping Port:

Which brand cloth rolling machine is good use?

As the large demand of the clothing industry, there are lots of types and brands with the cloth rolling machine in the market; and the price of each factory is very different.Although there are some limited good brands with cloth rolling machine in China, most of the cloth roller factories are fresher with technology defects. As the cost is low, so do the price. Lots of these factories can only use the low price to sell their products to survive.

In terms of this point, plenty of customers will search these questions on the internet: which brand of cloth rolling machine is good? What about the factory prices of cloth rolling machine? So if the customer purchased one with no-good use or low quality with the same price, which will do great harm to the company benefits.



Horizontal Stretch Wrapper

Horizontal Stretch Wrapper is custom built for heavy loads that require high wrap force, such as door, motor, profile, wooden panel… With over 15 years of application knowledge built-in, the Orbital wrapper includes a strong ring and precision bearing, an exclusive dual support driving wheels, PLC& touch screen, a robust  motor conveyor system and reliable state of the control system.


1. Automatic program for packing control
2. PLC–Siemens
3. HMI–Siemens
4. Automatic trouble indication
Film Device
5. Packing tension is adjustable from loose to tight.
6. Packing material from LLDPE to paper, bubble…can be choose according different packing requirement.
7. Automatic film cutting and feeding.
8. The reinforce ring with double driving wheels controlled by a converter.
9. Protective device for products fixing in packing.
10. Overlap rate adjustable from 10%-90%.