Detail of SUNTECH De Batching Fabric Roll Inspection Batching Machine

20170331140909>> A-frame Roll Inlet

Equipment: Centre-driven System

Description: It is a motor driven equipment which can connect with the A-frame to unwinding the fabric automatically.

Tension Control <<20170331140921

Equipment: Roller Accumulator
Description: It can store the fabrics to protect the fabric from stretching and help synchronize machine processing speed.

20170331140935>> Length Counting

Equipment: Digital Counter Meter (Y/M)
Description: Pre-set length available; Yard/meter unit optional; Counting error ≤6 mm.

Operation Control <<20170331140949

Buttons: Forward/backward, emergency stop button, speed control button, button to choose pre-set length or not, light button.

The special pressure device of cloth rolling machine

The cloth rolling machine is the machinery for rolling the fabrics, clothes, and textiles. It is consisted with lots of parts, and each part has its own special function. In order to guarantee the effective rolling, the textiles must be exerted with pressure to increase the friction between rolling and guiding bar and textiles, overcome the tension of textiles, thus pull the textile rapidly, to achieve the stabilization of weft density. To obtain the necessary friction, the cloth guiding bar must be exerted pressure, making the angle that the textiles surround the rolling bar large as much as possible. Now I will give you an introduction of the pressure increasing device.

1. Gravity pressured device

The cloth guiding bar can slide up and down in the locating slot, the pressure that guiding bar push on rolling bar comes from the weight of guiding bar and the acting force the textile against the rolling bar, so the tension of textile is larger, the pressure between the guiding bar and rolling bar is bigger. Using this method, the pressure is average in the direction of the breadth, with the feature of simple layout. When the tension is very small, then there may be a phenomenon that the textile can be held tight, so add another guiding bar to solve this problem.


2. Spring pressured device

Using spring to push the guiding bar to rolling bar, increase the pressure between them. In order to ensure the good function of cloth hold, the guiding bar should have high rigidity, to avoid the lack of hold force that cased by the elasticity deformation of guiding bar.

The source:The special pressure device of Xianju cloth rolling machine

Shortcomings in the development of stretch wrapper industry in China

As China continues to improve packaging production volume and becomes the second largest packaging country, China’s stretch wrappermarket has become the focus of attention of the global stretch packaging industry. At the same time, for China’s stretch wrapper machine industry, some shortcomings and weaknesses is even more obvious.

At present, China has become the world’s largest commodity producing and exporting countries, while the world’s eyes are focused on the fastest, largest and most potential Chinese stretch wrapper machinery market. Although the domestic stretch wrapper machinery market prospects, but as stand-alone automated, poor stability and reliability , unsightly appearance, short life and other issues of the domestic stretch wrapper machinery products are also criticized.

Insiders pointed out that at present Chins steel strapping, pneumatic strapping and some small automatic balers, semi-automatic balers have a certain scale and advantages, other packaging machinery almost fragmented and scale, especially in big demand on the market of some complete packaging lines, packaging market in the world stretch wrapper companies were several large (Group) monopoly.

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SUNTECH On-Loom Inspection Fabric rewinding Machine

Main Features

1) Various models avaliable allow Batching of Fabric as well as with On-loom Inspection;
2) Automatic synchronization with the weaving machine;
3) Positive tension adjustment allows precise selection for any fabric on any loom;
4) Forward & Reverse(not full) movement of fabric;
5) Operator’s platform with anti-fatigue material and toe-guards;
6) Crease free winding of fabric;
7) Compact rolls due to differential ratio of the batcher rolls;
8) Option-Accurate Length Measuring Giving Accuracy of ± 0.01%;
9) Option-Semi-automatic doffing device( Pneumatic Roll Ejection Device);
10) Option-Automatic Fabric & Selvedge Shifter for Thick Selvedges.

Features of SUNTECH De Batching Fabric Roll Inspection Batching Machine

Main Features

1)Direct Centre Driven System for un-winding — ” A” frame fabric is unwound from non-contact center drive system, especially ideal for checking delicate or heavy duty fabrics.

2)Fabric Input, Output Synchronized — for Tensionless Roll up–Speed is controlled by an adjustable light accumulation rollers for automatic fabric synchronization.

3)Full Width Fabric Inspection
 — with 30 Degree Fixed Angle Inspection Screen.

4) Accurate Fabric Length Measuring — Fabric roll length can be taken by industrial standard measuring systems with digital readouts to give consistent fabric roll assessments.

5)Stable Running & Easy Operation — The whole machine is controlled by PLC and the machine can be easily operated with optional Touch Screen.

6)Accurate Fabric Edge Controlling — Edge alignment error <=8mm

7)Accurate Length Counting(Y/M) — Counting error <= 0.1m/km

8)Bow/Banana Roller — For eliminating fabric creasing and roll distortions.

Cloth folding machine

The utility model relates to the cloth folding machine, so that the transmission performance is good. The drive seat is provided with a driving gear in the center of the fixed seat and drives the rotating seat which carries the whole folding machine mechanism. The output shaft on the side of the rotating seat is provided with a driven bevel gear meshing with the driving bevel gear, And the sprocket and the chain are connected with the input shaft of the continuously variable transmission on the side of the rotating seat, and the output shaft of the continuously variable transmission is connected by a vertical transmission mechanism and connected to a fixed Rotary sprockets and chains. Used for folding cloth.
The fixed seat is equipped with a driving bevel gear, a rotating seat, a driven bevel gear, and has an output shaft, both sides of the folding machine There is a side plate which is characterized in that a driving bevel gear is provided in the center of the fixed seat and is provided with a rotary seat which carries the whole folding machine mechanism, and an output shaft on the side of the rotating seat is provided with a driving gear meshing with the driving bevel gear And the sprocket and the chain are connected with the input shaft of the continuously variable transmission on the side of the rotating seat, and the output shaft of the continuously variable transmission is connected by a vertical drive And a chain of sprockets and a chain provided in a fixed reel, the chain between the sprocket groups being provided with a socket having a socket and moving with the chain; the side plate is provided with a fixed plate A plurality of slide rails are locked by a locking screw member, and a plurality of slide plates are arranged between the two slide rails, and at least one group is arranged on both sides of the flap plate to slide on the slide rails Of the pulley, the bottom of the flap plate is provided with a sliding plate which slides left and right, a set of posts is arranged below the slide plate and is inserted into the socket hole of the socket on the chain; the side plate is provided with an adjustment knob with screw, The continuously variable transmission has a speed adjustment lever with a crank at one end; the other side of the rotary seat is provided with another output shaft having a driven bevel gear, one end of which is passed through the side plate and driven by a chain The lower cloth roller is arranged on the upper side of the two sides of the plate, and the lower cloth roll is rolled down with the cloth.

Fabric Slitting Machine Series for Fabric

Fabric Slitting Machine Series Horizontal High-speed Slitting Machine for Fabric

This machine is suitable for slitting the tubular cotton fabric and polyester. The fabric after slitting can be undouble to open-width by stentering frame and prepare for dyeing and stenter

Type:  Manual horizontal radial & vertical slitting.
Direction of operation: Single hand
Diameter of fabric:≤2200 mm
Working speed: 0 ~60 m/min (can be adjusted by inverter).
The type of feeding and dropping for fabric: Fabric Loading in tubular & fabric droping in open-width.
Way of driving: Driven by motor of inverter.