Synchronized with weaving machines-standard:0-10m/min
Fabric Width
Batching Diameter Max.
Edge-alignment Error
Less than 5mm
Electric Specs
3Phase-380V; 50Hz (can be adjusted to suit for different countries)
Variable working width is possible and can be tailor-made to your requirements of processing needs.

What the market conditions of nonwoven strip cutting machine are?

As to the nonwoven strip cutting machine, it means the cutter that used for cutting the nonwovens into strips; in the machine market, there are two kinds of cutter that can be called nonwoven strip cutting machine. One is multiple blades slitting machine, another is strip cutting machine. The prices of strip cutting machines are different from the functions, structures and configurations. The most advanced one is the CNC full automatic strip cutting machine, it has good cutting performance that makes it became more and more popular in the cutting machine market.

What the market conditions of strip slitting machine are?

The PVC strip slitting machine, from the name we can see that it is used for cutting the thin PVC materials, now in the machine market, it is also called multiple blades slitting machine. The multiple blades slitting machine is mainly used for cutting a variety of thin materials into strips, so it is widely used in all walks of life. I will show you some details about the market condition with strip cutting machine below.

In the strip cutting machine market, we can see plenty of brands and factories, so the competition is very intense. The prices are chaotic, so it is very difficult for the people who know few about this to choose a suitable machine.


Paper Towel Folding Machine Non Woven Machinery

1 Adopt a consistent working mode, from raw materials by cutting, automatic folding, counting and automatic completion of finished products.
2 Equipment imported cutting tool, durable and not easy to heat, and equipped with automatic grinding device.
3 Equipment adopts pneumatic counting device count, with positive and negative cloth guide conversion device.
4 Device with innovative design of multi – function – shaped folding device.           5  The device transmission parts adopt double gear mobile gear clearance elimination, fine processing technology, an additional electrostatic eliminating device, according to the need of configurable embossment and printing device.
6 Equipment with wide belt conveyor device and two control device, in order to ensure the folding of the finished size.
7 Machine table and related to the product of all the parts of the use of stainless steel materials.
8 The equipment adopts imported frequency conversion speed control, electric parts and wiring is reasonable, beautiful, easy to operate.
9 Compact structure, high speed, stable performance, stable performance, simple operation, in accordance with the hygiene products production conditions, the design concept of the device is advanced.

Stretch wrapper stand out from packaging machinery

With the time changing , technology development,scientific progressing and a series of promotions, packaging machinery industry is developing towards high performance and high automation successfully, stretch wrapper has become the most widely used packaging equipment, which has a high popularity and wide application.

The fast developing stretch film packaging machinery industry and quick growing packaging market have led to a good opportunity for stretch wrapper. In the past, stretch wrapper was only with simply function for simple product wrapping, without too much consideration of equipment performance, automatic application and advanced technology. And now, with the growing packaging demand, as well as diversification and differentiation in stretch film packaging requirements, the simply stretch wrapper is not able to meet the market development needs,new form, new technologies,new capabilities are needed for the market economy.

As one of the earliest origin of packaging machinery with stretch film products, stretch wrapper has led many associated industry continues to move forward. In recent years, the domestic stretch wrapper industry develops a comprehensive understanding about the applications in various industries and the development of the industry. There will be more specific goals, as well as more sophisticated technical and operational expertise for the promotion of stretch wrapper to provide more convenient conditions and market.

Today, our technology in stretch film orbital stretch wrapper and door packing machine continuou to improve toward the direction multi-functional, higly automatic,large-scale, branding and so on, more stretch wrapper reflecting the characteristics of modern equipment continue to show up, also makes the production and packaging more fast, convenient and with better wrapping effect.

SUNTECH De Batching Fabric Roll Inspection Batching Machine

Suntech ST-BM-02 De Batching Fabric Roll Inspection Batching Machine is suitable for a wide range of fabrics inspecting, especially for continuous process from A-frame roll to A-frame roll.
Functions like fabric length counting available with attached digital counter meter, and perfect edge alignment control system makes sure the fabric are rewinded with aligned edges after inspection.