SUNTECH On-Loom Inspection Fabric rewinding Machine

ST-LTM-02 SUNTECH Weaving loom take up batch rewinding machine is designed to attach all types of weaving machines. any type of woven, no-woven or knitted fabrics can be taken up on the machine, under 100% inspection, and are designed to give tight and compact rolls in the most elastic to heaviest fabrics such as industrial textiles.

* Ergonomically designed
* Fast and easily handled, requiring for one operator only
* Less fabric waste and increase efficiency
* Synchronize production process
* Reduce administration


The Characters of Wood Door Wrapping Machine

Wood door wrapping machine is a kind of door wrapping machine. Compared with stretch wrapping machine, shrink machine, pre-stretch filmpallet wrapping machine, the wood door wrapping machinehas itself features and advantages. Following is the brief introduction of wood door wrapping machine’s characters and types.

With the constantly increase of national revenue, improvement of social civilization, the requirement of home decoration becomes stricter and stricter. In the style of ancient, restore ancient ways and close to the nature decoration is very fashion. The wood door as an important part of home decoration, pursuits by many people, becomes more and more popular in the machinery market nowadays.

The rise of door wrapping machine has its inevitability. Elegant wood door needs tight, high-grade and stable package on the surface of it. It not only used for sale and circulation domain, but also application for transportation. The packaged wood door plays a role of anti-moisture, anti-theft, anti-damage. When installation, the wood door package with film, can prevent the doors from scratching and damaging on the surface; and make sure the wood door looks tidy, smooth, beautiful and elegant.

Shanghai Jinglin Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of wood door wrapping machine with heat shrinking. It includes “L” mode wood door sealing & shrinking machine, wood door horizontal wrapping machine, wood door stretch wrapping machine, wood door heat shrink machine, conveyor belt and wood door packing line and etc. This machine can be associated with other equipment to be an automatic packing line. It is unmanned operation, using PLC control system and HMI touch screen. Photo eyes detect the wood door position, adjusting the size and position of the knife, meet the different dimension doors package requirement.

This wood door wrapping machine can be use relevant size of shrink film for different sizes of wood doors, so as to effectively reduce the packing cost. High automation, fast wrapping speed, easy operation, stable working, perfect wrapping effect, at the same time, the wood door wrapping machine can greatly lessen labor force and package cost, conform to the export packing requirement.

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The maintenances and operations of blade main shaft with strip cutting machine

The blade main shaft plays a important role in the strip cutting machine, so more attentions should be paid to keep the machine runs well.

1. The top steel center screw must be lock down tightly.

2. When the machine starting, the distance between main shaft and blade main shaft should be at least 0.6 meters, to avoid accident caused by inertia. The blade shield should be in the front position when the machine stops working. Otherwise, the blade can be damaged, also may cause accident with the worker easily.

3. After a parade of using, the blade main shaft should be maintained with getting the steel center out to wash by kerosene. Checking if the steel center has cracks, using grease to the steel center and top tip, then reinstalling.

Non Woven Fabrics Rewinding And Slitting Machine

Non Woven Fabrics Rewinding And Slitting Machine With Automatic Perforating Setting System


FM-ND1000 Non Woven Farics Rewinding and Slitting Machine With Perforating
System specially is used for rewinding and slitting matrial of non woven fabrics.
It can rewind and slite the large diameter rolls into many width of small diameter
finished rolls.With Perforating Setting System,easy to tear;it can be automatic
counting length and perforating.The appearance of finished goods could be looked betterwith high automotive ability and easy operation,hence,the working efficiency could be improved a lot with less man power.