About the fabric strip cutting machine

On the campaign of numerous cloth factory bosses, do you know the 9 unrecognized characters of strip cutting machine? Now you will get the answers from below:

1. The main shaft and round blade adopt frequency converter speed regulation system, to control the adjusting of stepless speed and positive or negative rotating.

2. The moving and feeding of blade device adopt imported high accuracy stepping system; the system of cutting and grinding is controlled by imported PLC, cooperates with imported precision ball lead screw and guide rail, making the cutting accuracy reach to 0.1mm and minimum cutting width to 2mm, which are long working life and no easy to scrape. Three feeding speed with stepless adjusting, it is easy to cut for high quality materials.

3. With LCD displaying scream that is easy to operate to save time, just need to set the width and quantity.

4. This machine can change the working mode, manual or automatic, base on your demands.

5. Using triangular vertical stent design, which makes the loading and unloading of materials more convenient.

6. The electro wires is protected by engineering plastic chain, which is no easy to break and age.

7. Keeping the blade sharp for a long time, to achieve best cutting quality, with automatic dust collection device, to keep the cloth and orbit clean.

8. This machine is equipped with a stop device, and if there are abnormal with circuits or operations, just pressing the stop button to keep the operation safe.

9. The circuits adopt unique control system; each wire has its mark, which is convenient for maintaining.

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Cylinder fabric checking machine


1.The unit is characterized by stability in start.

2.The board for inspection is made of milky color acrylic which offers good lights to promote the efficiency of inspecting.

3.Double faces of the fabric in tubular form could be inspected by one operator.

4.This machine is designed for roll to roll other type is customized.

Fabric Measurements Guide

The fabric measurements basics

Fabric is usually measured by the yard.

How much is a yard of fabric? Your quick conversion is:


This means that when you buy a yard of fabric you’re getting 1 yard x the width of the fabric (usually measured in inches).

The most common widths of fabrics are 36″, 45″, 54″, 60″, 72″, and 118″.

Be sure you know what the usuable widths are as some fabrics have borders. Usable widths are usually 1-2 inches less than the full width, though in some cases the entire width is usable.

You can also estimate a yard of fabric by holding one end of the fabric to your chin while fully extending your other arm which should hold the other end of the fabric.

Safety operating rules for electric pallet trucks

Safety operating rules for electric pallet trucks

1 Note:
1.1 The operator must be specially trained to operate, and to comply with the safe operating procedures;
1.2 is strictly prohibited after the drink operation, driving is not allowed to smoke, diet and chat.
2 Work done before:
Before work, check the battery storage capacity, as well as braking, direction, speakers, hydraulic systems and other devices are sensitive and reliable, with fault operation, power shortage should be added in time.
3 Work to do:
3.1 loading and unloading operations, is strictly prohibited to adjust the parts or carry out maintenance work;
3.2 Start to maintain the appropriate starting speed should not be too much in the process of walking, do not allow to switch the direction of the switch and change the driving direction, change the direction of the car should be completely stopped after the operation to prevent electrical components burned And damage to gears;
3.3 in the wet or slippery road driving, steering should slow down; on the ramp should be careful running; prohibited on the ramp for turning operations, otherwise there is danger of tipping over;
3.4 Start to see whether there are people and obstacles around. Driving in the factory area, no more than 10 kilometers per hour. Out of the factory gate, workshop, warehouse doors may not exceed 5 kilometers per hour, in the workshop, the Treasury may not exceed 5 kilometers per hour; 3.5 is prohibited manned to run; prohibited overloading; cargo center and the body center in a line, not Allow partial load; in the handling of large volume of goods, the goods blocking the line of sight, the forklift should reverse speed;
3.6 Observe the voltmeter voltage of the electric forklift, if it is lower than the limit voltage, the forklift should stop running immediately.
4 After work to do:
After the end of the work to the electric forklift in time to charge, charging around the place to prohibit all sources of fire.


ST-LTM-02 Loom Take-Up Winder (with Roller Accumulator) is designed to attach all types of weaving machines. Any type of Woven, Non-Woven or Knitted Fabrics can be taken up on the machine, under 100% inspection, and are designed to give tight and compact rolls in the most elastic to heaviest fabrics such as industrial textiles.