Loom Batching Motion

The “Batcher” is an winding Application, Which can be installed on any type of textile looms . It Comes With Best Quality Of Gear Box Which Ensures Uniform Wind Of Creas-less Fabric.

Our New Design Injector For Big Fabric Roll Doffing On Batching Motion TO Trolly By Easy Manual System. Direct Attach On Batching Motion Machine.

High Speed And Accuracy Automatic Non Woven Slitting Machine For Fabric

The equipment adopts microcomputer control, stepping motor. Arbitrary fixed length, photoelectric tracking cutting. The discharge is equipped with tension control device, slicing neatly without burr. High quality DC motor photoelectric control feeding. Host frequency conversion control, simple operation, stable operation. The whole frame with the formed steel, surface anticorrosive processing, all machine bedplate must do antirust paint processing precise size, frame, frame welding proper reinforcement, belt wheel, gear and all transmission part center accuracy, ensure the smooth running of the machine.

SUNTECH Roll Batch Plait Fabric Inspection Machine

Main Features

1)Direct Centre Driven System for un-winding —-” A” frame fabric is unwound from non-contact center drive system, especially ideal for checking delicate or heavy duty fabrics.

2)Fabric Input, Output Synchronized- for Tensionless Roll up—-Speed is controlled by an adjustable light accumulation rollers for automatic fabric synchronization.

3)Full Width Fabric Inspection – with 60 Degree Fixed Angle Inspection Screen—–Fabric can be checked under the aid of different viewing and lighting options.

4) Accurate Fabric Length Measuring—– Fabric roll length can be taken by industrial standard measuring systems with digital readouts to give consistent fabric roll assessments.

5)Stable Running & Easy Operation—–The whole machine is controlled by PLC and the machine can be easily operated with optional Touch Screen.

6)Stretch Fabric Control – with Scroll Roller System and Optional De-curling System. Fabric control at all times to generate consistent roll width and edge output.

7)Versatile Fabric Input and Output Options
Synchronize with Other Production Operations—–Optional systems are available for different fabric input and output presentations, continuous fabric input and plait input or output.

8)Data Collection and Analysis System ( 4-point System) —- Optional. 100% fabric inspection with software for accurate fabric roll analysis and printout.

Automatic interlining fabric rewinder machine

1  The machine applies to roll cotton, silk, chemical fiber, cloth etc.
2   It’s textile, printing and garment enterprise ideal corollary equipment.
3   Automatic to calculate length of cloth rolling.
4   Straight or bias cloth rolling can be adjusted. And the rolling speed can be set freely.
5   Easy to operate, cloth rolling is smooth and low noisy.

cloth winding machine

1.The angle and width can be regulated.
2.The roll has compressing device that can meet the needs of bundling and cutting.
3.Non-level speed-regulated device,regulating the tightness and loose of the rolled textiles.
4.Tension can be regulated automatically,
5.Optical-eletrical selvedge adjust, cutting and rolling and multi-functions of the finished machine.
6. digital meter and yard counter can automatically control the machine to stop.
7. Tansmitting by electric machines with decreasing and different speed.