Cloth Inspection Machine

Cloth Inspection Machine Specification :

* Unique design for comfortable & efficient mending operation.

* Top & bottom illumination for efficient mending.

* Hands free foot operated system with fixed or variable speed drive.

* Machine with any input & output of Roll/ Pile can be manufactured.

* High production efficiency with minimal operator fatigue.

* Available in various working widths.

* Counter meter for length measurement


a-frame tractor

These are pictures from our first coop – a A-frame chicken tractor on wheels. It has 2 separate floors that are connected via a drop down door/ramp. The bottom section can be opened to let the chickens run outside. There is no wire on the bottom and even though we live next to the woods, we never had a problem with any animals trying to dig their way in. The top floor has 3 doors, one on each end and on in the middle section. The door on the one end is to access the nesting box and the feeding station. The door on the other end is for cleanout purposes, as is the large middle door. There is a roost with a wire underneath it. That entire section is removable. Under the wire is a large plastic tray to catch the poop etc. This slides in under the wire section. All pieces of the second floor

Shortcomings and insufficiency in the development of stretch wrapper industry in China

As China continues to improve packaging production volume and becomes the second largest packaging country, China’s stretch wrappermarket has become the focus of attention of the global stretch packaging industry. At the same time, for China’s stretch wrapper machine industry, some shortcomings and weaknesses is even more obvious.

At present, China has become the world’s largest commodity producing and exporting countries, while the world’s eyes are focused on the fastest, largest and most potential Chinese stretch wrapper machinery market. Although the domestic stretch wrapper machinery market prospects, but as stand-alone automated, poor stability and reliability , unsightly appearance, short life and other issues of the domestic stretch wrapper machinery products are also criticized.

Insiders pointed out that at present Chins steel strapping, pneumatic strapping and some small automatic balers, semi-automatic balers have a certain scale and advantages, other packaging machinery almost fragmented and scale, especially in big demand on the market of some complete packaging lines, packaging market in the world stretch wrapper companies were several large (Group) monopoly.

China’s stretch wrapper machinery industry ,or door packing machine, coil upender, have great improving space, in the current industry is facing a new round of restructuring, technological upgrading, product generation an important moment, the domestic enterprises to go through independent innovation, depth of digestion, with a pragmatic attitude develop enterprise and competitiveness, improve the industry structure, optimize the competitive market environment, to achieve the development of differentiation.

Experts believe that the difference of the market competition mechanism for the development of our current stretch wrapper machinery industry is made under the current status, can boost China’s stretch wrapper machinery enterprises to speed up the pace of independent research and development as soon as possible, searching for their own development breakthrough point, and gradually implement the “big strong small designed “production business model, so all levels of enterprises can be fully developed, the final transformation of China’s stretch wrapper industry over-reliance on foreign equipment situation.

Fabric Lapping Machine

Fabric Lapping Machine 

Highly versatile design to handle all types of fabrics. Fabric can be feed in pile or roll form. The double folding arrangement is designed for very accurate and crease-free doubling of the fabric. A laminated wooden table is provided for stamping, cutting etc. of the fabric before lapping. When lapping on lightweight cardboard’s, two MS flats are provided which gives strength to the cardboard while lapping. This has been designed in such a way so as to ensure quick release of lapped fabric when unloading. When Lapping on heavy duty card boards, the machines can be equipped with a automatic unloading device which is operated pneumatically to unload the lapped fabric by means of a button, thus saving a lot of loading / unloading time. Auto stop sensors are provided at feed to ensure to save time on re-threading the machine.