Electric Pallet Truck Safety Tips

20151023It certainly doesn’t look as menacing as many of its larger forklift cousins. But your electric pallet jack has its own set of safety concerns. These trucks come in a number of varieties and those are broken out by the Industrial Truck Association this way: What are the safety concerns then?

Could you name them all? Here is a Pallet Truck Safety List.

  1. Do not operate or work on this truck unless you are trained, qualified and authorized to do so.
  2. Operate this truck only from the operator’s position.
  3. Know the truck’s controls and what they do.
  4. Before working on this truck, always turn the key switch to OFF and disconnect the truck’s battery connector.
  5. Do not operate this truck if it needs repair or if it is in any way unsafe.
  6. Do not wear watches, rings, or jewelry when working on this truck.
  7. Obey the scheduled lubrication, maintenance, and inspection steps.
  8. Clean up any hydraulic fluid, oil, or grease that has leaked or spilled on the floor.
  9. Do not take “shortcuts.”
  10. Always park this truck indoors.
  11. Do not use an open flame near the truck.
  12. Do not park this truck in a cold storage area overnight.
  13. Do not use gasoline or other flammable liquids for cleaning parts.
  14. Do not wash this truck with a hose.

This article comes from Toyota Lift edit released