Warp Tying Machine

20150820Possessing versatility and high performance, our warp tying machine can bring maximum production benefit to the weaving plant. The optimal warp tying quality, as well as the wide applications, can reduce the downtime to the minimum. As a necessary device for beam replacement, the weaving equipment from our company is well received by the customers due to the simple operation and the straightforward setup.


1.The warp preparation can be conducted on the rack of the automatic warp tying machine rapidly and comfortably. Even with maximum speed, the warp tied is reliable for production.

2.Suitable for warp made of staple fibre and filament, this warp tying equipment is applicable for wide range of yarn count. Both single knot and double knots are available.

3.Our warp tying machine is offered with touch screen, which is convenient for you to visit the menu, set up or modify the programme. Moreover, the starting and stopping of the high speed warp tying machine can be controlled through the operation on the touch screen.

4.With advanced PLC, the electric control is more stable. Moreover, the USB interface is convenient for programme development and upgrade. The electrical accident diagnosis becomes easier, as well.

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Beam Stacker-Computerized Warp Beam Storage Rack

20150813Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: ST-BS
  • Material: Steel and Reinforced Concrete
  • Structure: Layer Frame
  • Mobility: Fixed
  • Height: 5-15m
  • Weight: 500kg
  • Closed: Open
  • Development: New Type
  • Serviceability: for Special Purpose
  • Running Chain Pitch: 76.2mm or 92mm
  • Pillar: Rectangular Tube with Thickness 6mm
  • Guide Rail: #10 U-Steel with Thickness 6mm
  • Operation Mode: Automatic and/or Manual
  • Warranty: 13 Months From Date of Shipment
  • Free of Charge Spare Parts: 5%-10% of Total Value
  • Export Markets: Global

Additional Info

  • Trademark: SUNTECH
  • Packing: Steel Pallet or Wooden Box Packing
  • Standard: ISO9001: 2008; CE Mark
  • Origin: China
  • HS Code: 84491900
  • Production Capacity: 100 Sets/Month

Product Description

Beam Stacker is the best solution for storage of warp beam/size beam/weaving beam/fabric roll, which are widely applicable in the weaving preparation workshop, weaving and finishing unit for space utilization and to avoid damage of ready beam/fabric roll.

Our Beam Stacker(ST-BS) is available in different models for handing each particular situation. For example, loading and unloading can be undertaken from one position to several positions at one or different level.

The model ST-BS could employ a microprocessor-controlled information system for storage and retrieval of particular beams.


1* Space Utilization

2* Avoid damaging of ready beams and fabric rolls

3* Automatic Beam Selection based on entered data like beam no. /beam code/etc., m/c will select shortest path to select beam and bring it at doffing position.

4* To save time and labor force


1). Installation Options: Single Exit; Embedded Single Exit; Double Exits; Embedded Double Exits; Vertical 1-2 Layers.

2). Storage Layer: Two; Four; Six; Eight layers

3). Storage Capacity: 20-120 PCS

4). Diameter of Beam or Fabric Roll: φ 500-φ 1250

5). Width of Beam or Fabric Roll: Suits for model 1500-model 3900

6). Loading: Electric hydraulic lift table

7). Enclosed Control Panel with PLC for sequential control of machine

8). HMI(Touch Panel) for easy and quick access of data and machine operation.

9). Automatic Beam Selection based on entered data like beam no. /beam code/mill code/etc. Machine will select shortest path to select beam and bring the selected beam at doffing position.

10). Safety controls are interlocked with machine operation.

Storage Capacity Type of Warp Beam Overall Dimension(mm) Layer
30 Φ800x model1900


930 3000 4300 4
40 12000
50 15000
60 18000
70 21000
80 24000
90 3000
Storage Capacity Type of Warp Beam Overall Dimension(mm) Layer
30 Φ1000x model1900(L1=2200) 10650 3200 5200 4
40 14000
50 17350
60 20700
70 24050
80 27400
90 34100
Storage Capacity Type of Warp Beam Overall Dimension(mm) Layer
70 Φ800x model1900(L1=2200) 20450 3000 6500 6
80 27400
100 34100


Warp beam truck for half and full warp beams


Details of Warp beam truck

Area of application

  • Weaving mill
  • For transport and insertion of one or two-piece warp beams with and without harness insertion device

Construction features

  • Lifting and lowering from the floor
  • Swivelling trough design

Trough design

  • Trough axially adjustable under load

Technical data

  • Lifting systemHydraulic-mechanical or electro-hydraulic
  • Drive:Manual or electric
Model Load capacity (kg) Warp beam flanges (mm Ø) Transport width (mm) Working width (cm) HID(kg)
01 1500, 2000, 2500 800 – 1250 850 – 1350 260 – 540 Max. 500

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