Fabric Cutting Machine

20150604Successful crafting and fashion companies rely on well-made tools to help them create the best product imaginable. So, something like a fabric cutting machine should operate at maximum efficiency so that business owners don’t even have to think about logistics. Instead, they put their mental efforts towards bettering their operation. Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies has the selection of built-to-last fabric cutters that any sewing enthusiast can consider a smart investment.

Every fabric cutting machine at Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies is built for ease of repeated use. These machines, part of Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies’ 300,000 product inventory, are durable and can even be customized with self-sharpening and maintenance details. Although for the worst case scenarios, each cloth cutting machine comes with a dependable warranty and is loaded with safety features. Plus, any repair needed within a year only costs the customer the price of the parts.

Everybody at Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies knows the ins and outs of a fabric cutting machine. Machines come in different sizes, generally measured by the length of the blade, or attached to other parts, such as fabric cutter tables. This can get very overwhelming, especially if you’re getting your first machine or if you were not happy with your previous one. Fortunately, Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies can guide you to your perfect machine and also help you stock up on maintenance, cleaning, and other related accessories.

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laundry folder , automatic clothes folding machine

20150603Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Wooden case or packed according to client requirement for laundry folder , automatic clothes folding machine

Delivery Detail: 2-40 days for laundry folder , automatic clothes folding machine

Description of product

1,Newly developed ZD3000-V automatic folder ,an essential option for flatwork ironer where automatic folding application is necessary .

2,Precision folding capacity ,auto sheet width sensing and advanced intelligent control system makes the equipment simple to operation and yet flexible in application .

3,Equipment with user friendly MHI and operating program software.

4,Two sets of independent motor driver systems each with VFD controller ,folding speed of 30m/min.

5,Total of five folds with two primary folds and three cross folds ..Maximum width of 3300×3300 mm

6,Imported photo-electricity checking and sensor spare parts ,acute and accurate ,aontrol circuitry of 24V low voltage ,safety and reliability ,convenient maintenance.


Model ZD3300-v
Max Folding width(mm) 3300×3300
Max folds times/layer 32/5
Max Folding speed(m/min) 50
Rated voltage(V) 380/50Hz
Motor Power(kw) 1.3kw
Air consumption (L/min) 500L/min
Pressure power(Mpa) 0.6
Out size(mm) 4116x2800x1760
Weight(kg) 1600

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The B-Tex Double Folding Machine, BDFM is specially designed for Lapping the fabric on strawboard. From years of experience and Italian know-how, we have designed BDFM with Multi-Synchronisation, which does not creates stretch, elongation and bowing effect. With the help of electronic counter meter, machine automatically stops at desired input length and auto cutter cuts the fabric without manual efforts.


  • Double Fold the Fabric in center and laps on strawboard
  • High speed ensure high production
  • No Bowing effect even on checks designs
  • Auto-Stop at desired meter delivers piece length cutting
  • Auto-Cutter cuts the fabric in straight line without manual efforts


  • Fabric inlet from roll or flat fold Form
  • Fabric outlet in Plaiting Form (On Strawboard)
  • Adjustable Fabric Tension
  • Efficient Edge Guiding
  • Doubling Triangle
  • Dancing Roller Mechanism for Multi Drive Synchronisation
  • Guide Rollers with Smooth finish
  • High Crome Plaiting Swords for Lapping
  • A.C. Inverter Drive with In-built software (Low electricity consumption)
  • Imported rubber emery on winding roll for extra life
  • Variable speed from 0 – 60 meter/min.
  • Italian geared-motors on all positive driven rolls
  • Utility Tray and Single phase Switch box is provided
  • Safety sensors and Emergency stop is provided


  • Digital length counter meter
  • Anti-Slip Mechanism
  • Auto- Stop at Feed
  • S. S. Guide Rollers
  • Auto-Cutting device
  • Foot control system
  • Fully P.L.C. Control Panel (Siemens)

Feed & Delivery Option


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Fabric Inspection Cum Rolling Machine

20150601Inspection – Rolling Machine is mainly used in weaving mills, dyeing plant, wholesale shops, garment factory, man made fur factory, artificial leather factory for the inspection of various types of fabrics for full-width rolling and metre counting.


STALL NO:- 324

Max dia of fabric rolls 500mm
Working Width available upto 150cms-400cm.
Speed of rolling 0-50m/min


The machine is driven by imported gear box with electric motor
Inverter Drive for controlling rolling Speed
Electronic length Counter
Tension of cloth by rolls
Anticurling Device for uniform fabric rolling
Inside and Outside lighting for fabric inspection

The machine is for inspection and Rolling of finished as well as grey fabrics for widths ranging from 60” to 150”. The supply fabrics can be either in loose form or roll form or roll form.

The fabric Rolling speed is controlled by push buttons via invertor control.

Fabric Tension can be adjusted by means of several bar pensioners. Anti curler device, digital counter meter, 1 hp motor coupled with Suitable Gear box is provided with the machine.

The inspection board consists of a combination of black board and glass with backlight. Top Light is also provided.

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