Reasons for the formation of woven fabric weaving defects

(1) Wrong Yarn

Appearance: In the wool of knitted fabrics, the horizontally continuous loops are woven from thicker or finer yarns. Usually more than a single root, but even there are parallel or multiple roots. It is different from the normal one.

Cause: When knitting fabrics are weaved, the operator misuses yarns of non-designated counts or Danny specifications. Misuse of finer yarns makes the fabric appear thin. When the coarser yarn is misused, the fabric appears dense.

(2) Wrong End

Appearance: The warp of the woven fabric has a single one or a number of non-specified specifications. If it is a finer yarn, it is called FineEnd. If it is a thicker yarn, it is called Coarse End.

Cause: In the warping period, the number of yarns received by the thread is wrong, and warp yarns of non-specified specifications are used. Such cockroaches are often full-bodied.

(3) Wrong Pick

Appearance: The weft of the woven fabric, there is one or a continuous number of non-specified specifications. If it is a fine yarn, it is called FinePick. If it is a thicker yarn, it is called Coarse Pick.

Cause: During weaving, the weft yarn of the weft yarn, or the yarn count of the shuttleless weaving machine is incorrect, and the weft yarn of non-specified specification is used. After the operator discovers it, he will stop it and remove it. However, the automatic change of the looms is often difficult to find.

(4) Wrong Weaving

Appearance: The weaving method is wrong, and the texture of the cloth is different from the original designer. For example, the left twill is woven into a right twill or the like.

Causes: Generally caused by wearing errors. Others such as jacquard fabrics have wrong patterns, and warp yarns of multi-standard warp fabrics are arranged incorrectly.

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