Precautions of non woven fabric slitting machine

Non woven fabric slitting machine note

1) installation location, height, must meet the design requirements of the import and export orientation, should be firmly screwed tight.

2) all kinds of manual valve pipe insulation installed in the handle are not down.

3) valve must be installed prior to visual inspection, the valve plate should be consistent with the provisions of GB 12220 existing national standards, “universal valve logo”. The strength and sealing test should be carried out before the installation of the valve which is more than 1 MPa and the valve is cut off on the main pipe. In strength test, the test pressure is 1.5 times of the nominal pressure, and the duration is not less than 5min. The valve shell and packing should be qualified without leakage. During the sealing test, the test pressure is 1.1 times the nominal pressure. The duration of the test pressure should be in line with the JB/T 9092 standard, and the valve sealing surface is no leakage.

4) between the valve flange and pipe flange design by piping installed gasket.

5) non-woven belt drive mechanism of the cutting machine, according to product instructions for the installation.

Features: (1) the fluid resistance is small, and the full diameter ball valve has no flow resistance. (2) the structure is simple, the volume is small, and the weight is light. (3) closely dependable. It has two sealing surfaces, and the sealing surface material of the ball valve is widely used in all kinds of plastics at present. It is well sealed and can be fully sealed. It has also been widely used in the vacuum system. (4) has the advantages of convenient operation, open and close rapidly, from fully open to fully closed as long as 90 degree rotation, facilitate remote control.

Warp Beam Carrier

Warp Beam Carrier
This trolley is designed for lifting and transporting of warp beam of different length and weight. Lifting and lowering movements take place from the ground floor, so that the beam can be fittedon the weaving machine very conveniently. This warp beam is generally lifted at tube.

Technical Details Scope of Supply
Equipment Model No. VM 502
Application To load, Transport & unload of Empty Beam of Full Beam or Cloth Roll or Batch up Roll
Beam Flange Dia. 800 mm / 1000 mm / 1100 mm / 1250 mm / 1400 mm
Maximum Barrel Dia. 100 mm / 150 mm / 175 mm / 216 mm / 250 mm
Maximum Barrel Length 2000 mm / 2600 mm / 3200 mm / 3600 mm / 4200 mm / 4600 mm
Beam Lifting Operation Beam lifting / Lowering through Hydraulic operated Foot Pump(with High and Low Pressure Pump Facility)
Transportation Manually Push – Pull
Maximum Beam Weight Capacity 750 kgs. / 1000 kgs. / 1500 kgs. / 2000 kgs. / 2500 kgs.
Steering Handle Both side handle provided on equipment which is positively coupled with each other through worm gear
Front Wheel 50 mm x 150 mm – 2 nos. of Swivel Castor with Cast Nylon wheel complete with metal hub bearing and thread protection disc provided (in case of wider width equipment 40 x 150 mm – 4 nos. wheel are used)
Back Wheel / Drive Wheel 50 mm x 200 mm – 2 nos. of Swivel Castor with Cast Nylong wheel complete with metal hub bearing and thread protection disc provided (in case of wider width equipment 40 x 200 mm – 4 nos. wheel are used.)
Structure Heavy duty M.S. Pipe structure with M.S. Fabricated beam lifting arm provided
Lifting Arm Type Arm Type, beam to be lifted from barrel dia.

Highlights of the Global Fabric Folding Machines report:

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About Fabric Winding Machine

Fabric winding machine is the main equipment of filament winding technology. The design and performance of filament winding products are realized by winding machine.

According to the control Fabric winding machine can be divided into mechanical winding machine, digital control winding machine, computer control winding machine and computer numerical control winding machine, which in fact is the winding machine development of the four stages.

At present, the most commonly used is the mechanical and computer numerical control winding machine, PLC control, set a variety of packaging methods in one, according to their own needs of the package, choose the standard package, single package or enhance packaging methods

Fabric winding machine is the main equipment of fiber winding process, usually by the fuselage, transmission and control system and other components. Auxiliary equipment, including dipped devices, tension control system, creel, core heater, pre-heater and curing equipment such as yarn.

Brief introduction of fabric measuring machine

Brief introduction of fabric measuring machine

1. Multi function : cloth rolling ,cloth measuring ,cloth inspecting .
2,Adjustable Speed: selection of the governor, flexible cloth speed control;
3,Accurate measurement of length: It equipment with a note yards (meters), It can accurate measure the length of the cloth;
4,Flexible and easy to operate
5,Stable and durable: the rational design of the structure, using high-quality components, durable
6. Working width :1800-2600mm .
We can product the working width according to the customer request .
This machine is suitable for wool, yarn, silk, printing and dyeing, knitting, cotton or other fabric semi-finished or finished playing volume.

Safety operation regulation of Fabric cutting machine

The operation of a Fabric cutting machine to properly ensure safety in order to improve the machine, cloth cutting machine’s working efficiency, so the operation of cloth cutting machine when what matters, we try to understand the rules of safe operation of the cloth cutting machine.
1. Check whether the parts of the cloth cutting machine are normal.
2, the operation of a cloth cutting machine, hand and machine needle should maintain a certain distance, a wounded hand.
3, handle the broken line, change line and other faults, feet should leave the foot board.
4, machine cleaning and refueling, you must cut off the power supply.
5, electrical appliances, machinery failure, should notify the maintenance personnel in time to deal with, is strictly prohibited to disassemble.
6, to properly keep the needle, tweezers, scissors and other tools to prevent hand injuries and cloth damage.
7, after the completion of the work, cut off the power supply, gas source.
The above is the attention cloth cutting machine, grasp these precautions to ensure the safety.

About Cloth Rolling Machine

Function :

Suitable for cutting straight and 45 – Degree Diagonal straps in different widths of cloth adhesive-Bonded Fabric Foam cladding paper and reflectorized material etc: suitable for industries like clothing shoes & headgear Bags, Swim wear Home Textiles & so forth.



Voltage 220 – Phase-1
Available in various working widths.
Speed variable from -0to 60 meter/min
Compact & crease free rolling on winding tubes
Max roll die-from -250 x 750 x 1522 mm
Length measurement by reputed counter meter.
Size main body-1625 x 1425 x 1500
We have perfected the Design & Manufacturing of the wide range of cloth Rolling Machine Available in various working widths which are Easy to Operate Technically Advance and Being Developed by Highly Qualified Engineers having vast experience of this field.

About Fabric Relaxing Machine

1.This fabric relaxing machine is simple in structure and easy to operate
2.Saves space with easy installation

Fabric relaxing machine, fabric plaiting machine, fabric piling machine, fabric releasing machine, fabric relaxing machine.

Usage: This fabric relaxing machine is suitable for plaiting various kinds of fabrics, has been widely used to eliminate fabric tension during process.

Technical parameters:

1 Fabric Width 1800mm~2800mm (special sizes are available)
2 Working Speed 80m/min
3 Motor Power 0.25KW
4 Main Roller Φ200mm×2, rubber face
5 Transmission type Belt
6 Dimension 2400(L)×850mm(W)×1350mm(H) (1800mm)


1.Motor of this fabric relaxing machine is cotrolled by inverter.

2.This fabric relaxing machine could be in forward or reverse runing.

3.Equipped with two solid wood plates installed two wheels at one side for piling fabrics.

Tubular Fabric Slitting Machine

Tubular Fabric Slitting Machine is mainly applicable after rope dyeing. It is used to slit & open roped fabric and has been specially designed for continuous high speed operation in automatic mode. The machine material could be A3 Steel or Stainless Steel, which could be suitable for both raw and wet fabrics.

1). Raisable Frame and Automatic Detwister

Automatic detwister for fabric rope. The signal from feeler is picked up by proximity switches. Fabric rope engagement is by means of rotary opening rollers.

2). Slitting Basket

By means of a handwheel, the diameter of the round basket can be expanded from 320 to 800mm, so as to facilitate the spreading of fabric and prevent permanent weft  distortions, as may be generated by the slitting process.

3). Needle Drop Sensor

Needle drop sensor can detect the needle drop on the fabric and adjust the basket to place the fabric in proper slitting position.

4). Infrared Spreading-Centering Unit

It automatically open the fabric and then centre it, to ensure that the fabric is alignment in the centre of the machine. It is used for both slitting and rope opening function.

5). Hydraulic Turntable – Option

Controlled by fulid power, 1800mm diameter, for fabric carriage rotation in heavy duty conditions. It facilitate the operation of rope detwisting after washing or dyeing.

6). Squeezing Unit for Fabric Ropes – Option

Squeezing unit J-box with an oscillating chute for self adjustment of speed, to be installed on the entry of the line to reduce the quantity of water contained in the fabric.

Fabric Inspection and Winding Machine

This unit is specially designed for inspecting and rolling up all kinds of knitted, printed, cotton, and woven fabric etc.

1. Special designed lopping inspecting board which is near to operator makes it easier to mend or label fabrics.
2. Fabric tension is adjustable via two inverters
3. Equipped with spiral spreading roller to eliminate curled edge and avoid shrink of fabric width. Expanding power 1/2HP
4. Working speed is managed by inverters and easy to control by the button on control pane;
5. Digital counter could make accurate measurement of length in yards or meters which can be interchanged
6. Winding roller and feeding roller are driven by gear motors
7. High speed reaches 80m/min
8. Inspecting board is made of milky color acrylic