ST-FRM Fabric Relaxing Machine is mainly used to eliminate the tension of knit fabrics; Besides, it will keep fabrics tidy for storage. With the increasing use of elastomeric and Lycra fabrics in all sectors of apparel and textile industries, ST-FRM is becoming popular and it can work with the spreading machine for good efficiency.

● Ergonomically designed
● Fast and easily handled, requiring for one operator only
● Improve fabric quality
● Synchronize production proces
● Reduce administration


1). Simple Fabric Input Control.

2). Fabric input from free running or motor driven rollers for simple and effective control.

3). Roller Conveyors for Syncronization Unrolling & Plaiting.

4). End of roll automatic stop sensor – for next roll joining

5). Option: Build with Inspection Function

Fabric Sample Cutting Machine

Our company engaged in offering a wide range of Fabric  Cutting Machine with the following specification :
Most accepted machine for small swatch and sample cutting
Sizes available from blade width 14 inches up to 32 inches
Equipped with 1 no. Serrated blade and 1 no. Cutting board
POLYURETHENE cutting board for extended life of blade
Safety is equipped with P.L.C controls for two-hand safety operation.
Model “PERFECT CUT” is equipped with electro mechanical drive.
Solidly built table is provided with millimeter graduation
Machines manufactured following the safety classes of EU.
M.S. rigid frame to with stand vibration
Maximum of 2 inches of fabric sample can be cut in one quick cycle
Proxy sensor mechanism provided to hault the machine automatically after single blade stroke
Blade reverse & forward provision to set the blade at desired cutting point. Most economical machine in its range

Why the sales volume of automatic CNC fabric strip cutting machine is so good?

As the article 5 CNC automatic strip cutting machine is designed and produced base on the former 4 generations, with the practical requirements of customers, it’s sales volume had been always occupied the leading position compare with other brands since it came into the market.
The hot selling of this machine bases on the capabilities that can fit to the using habits of customers, and those characteristics of this machine.

The article 5 fabric strip cutting machine has some outstanding characters:

1. The main shaft and guide rail are not in the same position that can avoid the cloth scrap fall down on the guide rail, which ensures the cleaning of both cloth and rail.

2. Both the main shaft and blade adapt stepless speed regulating and frequency converter system that achieves the control of slow or fast speed and positive or negative rotation, which deal with the material burning of cutting.

3. Using imported high accuracy abrasive linear guide rail, improves the inaccuracy problem of cutting size that caused by the machine body’s easy abrasion, controls the cutting accuracy down to 0.1mm, achieves the high precision cutting efficiency.

4. It is equipped with automatic blade repairing system, don’t need to remove the blade to repair, keeps the blade sharp in a long parade, to got the best cutting quality.

5. With carborundum grinding wheel, makes the blade repairing more good and fast, which can extend the working life of abrasive wheel in the same time.

6. Adopting imported DC motor controlling, which can adjust the feeding speed according to the requirements of different materials. Imported ball lead screw cooperates with step control system; reduce the bad cutting results, to achieve better cutting efficiency.

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Automatically nylon film wrapping up to 500 mm diameter fabric roll
Packing capacity is 60 – 80 fabric roll/hour
PLC controlled command system
Thickness of nylon film is 70-120 micron
Tailor-made machine width from 150 cms to 400 cms
Edge closing made by thermic system
Shrink operation by passing through the hot air tunnel
Automatic entering to machine from more than one machine by conveyor system.


Thick fabrics (Such as: denims, canvas) for winding and inspecting of use, provides optional auxiliary modules for elastic/knitted fabrics, Available in replacing the module to provide maximum function flexibility

Winding module is located at the back to shorten the distance between inspector and fabrics processed or to repair fabric operation

Integrates with dual-motor & dual-inverter of feeding rollers for fabric tension operations, available in digital controlto provide maximum flexibility rather than belt roller control

Provides a built-in dial-pad counter for the length of fabric operation

The standard size of inspection board for 860mm height of use, provides extra large size (STT-IEW202,1400mm height inspection board) in customization

Modular construction with box design to easy maintenance and regular appearance

Provides a photo-electric versatile edge control device for unparalleled edging tracking and control

Roller width: 72″(Maximum fabric width 66″), provides roller size beyond 80″ and 90″ for customization

72″ M/C dimension: 2580mm(length) x 2920mm(width) x 2310mm(height)

The horse power of standard type: 3HP

Recommended Speed: 0~80Y/min

Recommended Inspection Speed: 0~40Y/min

Maximum roll diameter: φ450mm(Rolling roller diameter φ5.5″) provides being up toφ1000mm extra diameter for customization

Fabric Folding Machine

Open Width & Double Fold Plating Machines:-
Suitable for all kinds of fabric
Variable speed from 0-30mtrs/min.
Counter meter for length measurement
Selvedge guider for uniform plaiting.
Tensionless handling of fabric through positive drive.
Independent variable feed drive for tensionless feed also fitted with auto loop level positioning mechanism
Maximum working width up to 380 cms
Pile height 35 cms
Adjustable fold length 75 – 110 cms
Adjustable table lowering through special electro-mechanical controls depending upon the fabric thickness
Table up down movement through electrical controls

How to deal with the problem of material edge burning ?

When the strip cutting machine cuts some materials, there will occur material edge burning problem, so how to deal with this problem? Some methods will be shared for you.

At the very beginning, the reason for this phenomenon is that the blade temperature raises high, rubbing with material to cause lots of heat during the cutting. In addition, some materials have not good cooling performance and thermal conductivity, which will cause the material burning deformation on the high temperature.

What’s more, in order to solve this problem, the key point is that reducing the blade temperature. The ways to reduce the blade temperature include reducing friction and directly lower temperature, so we can get the conclusion of dealing methods below:

1. Reducing the rotating speed of blade and improving the rotating speed of main shaft: this arms at reducing the friction between the blade and materials, to lower the blade temperature for avoiding the burning; this is suitable for slight burning question.

2. Adding water: adding water to the blade through the aperture on the protecting shield of blade device. Using a perfusion tube to control the rate of watering to cool the blade directly for avoid burning, or using a pressing bottle to gush water. This method is quite common used without extra cost.

3. Using wax: adding wax to the blade surface to reduce the friction between blade and material, and cooling the blade temperature while the wax is volatilized under high temperature. Although this is the ideal method, need to cost for the wax.

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Fabric Inspection and Winding Machine

Fabric Inspection and Winding Machine

This unit is specially designed for inspecting and rolling up all kinds of knitted, printed, cotton, and woven fabric etc.

1. Special designed lopping inspecting board which is near to operator makes it easier to mend or label fabrics.
2. Fabric tension is adjustable via two inverters
3. Equipped with spiral spreading roller to eliminate curled edge and avoid shrink of fabric width. Expanding power 1/2HP
4. Working speed is managed by inverters and easy to control by the button on control pane;

5. Digital counter could make accurate measurement of length in yards or meters which can be interchanged
6. Winding roller and feeding roller are driven by gear motors
8. High speed reaches 80m/min
9. Inspecting board is made of milky color acrylic

Technical Parameters:
Fabric Width: 2000mm~3600mm
Max. Diameter of Fabric Rolls: 600mm
Max. Linear Velocity: 80m/min
Main Motor: 1HP× 2 sets
Aligning Tolerance: ± 3mm
Dimensions: 2150mm(L) × 2300mm(W)× 2500mm(H).

Electric Hydraulic Warp Beam Trolley

Product Description
Electric warp beam trolley  is suitable for upper&bottom beam transporting, inserting in weaving machines; The loading of warp beam storage racks and batch storage racks; The mounting of sectional beams in knitting machines as well as the handling of non-woven material rolls. Polyurethane running wheels mounted one after the other in an oscillating manner lead to low ground contact pressure with high stability. Telescopic supporting rollers with safety control ensure a safe operation.
Technical Specification of motorized warp beam trolley
Carrying Capacity
Beam Flange Diameter
Beam Barrel Diameter
Two AC motors

Fabric Inspection cum Rolling Machine

We have perfected the design & manufacturing of wide range of Fabric Inspection Machines available in various working widths which are easy to operate, technically advanced and programmable machines in the field of fabric quality control. Being developed by highly qualified engineers having vast experience of this field, our machines are equipped with all necessary features like tensionless handling, accurate length measurement, appropriate illumination, Straight roll selvedge, variable roll hardness, auto cutting etc. Efficient inspection of medium & heavy quality fabric. Efficient inspection through top & bottom illumination. Tensionless movement of fabric on inspection table. Full forward & reverse run of fabric. ! Speed variable from 0 – 60 mtrs/ min. ! Compact & crease free rolling on winding tubes. ! Max. Roll dia. Up to 1000 mm. ! Machine with any input & output of Roll/ Pile/ Big Batch can be manufactured. Length measurement by reputed counter meter. Straight & uniform roll winding through efficient selvedge guider. Operator friendly, improves productivity, reduces labour.